Frequently Asked Questions.

About Us

Who is Aged Care Decisions?

Aged Care Decisions is a 100% independently owned and operated organisation.

Started in 2013 by two regular aged care consumers who wanted a better way for families to make more informed decisions, our organisation is not owned, controlled or affiliated with any particular aged care provider.

How do you get paid?

First off – Aged Care Decisions is 100% free of charge to families. No if’s, no but’s, and no hidden charges.

Our fees are paid by aged care providers, who pay us a set industry standard placement service fee if you choose to place with a facility introduced by Aged Care Decisions.

The fee paid by aged care providers is exactly the same for every facility in Australia – meaning we have no financial motivation in one facility over another. That fee is exactly the same regardless of your financial status, RAD or care level.

Importantly – you are always in control. You can choose to fully use our service and then select a facility not introduced by our team.

Even if you ultimately select an aged care facility not introduced by Aged Care Decisions, our service will still remain 100% free of charge.

Our only desire is that you and your family select an aged care facility that meets yourneeds. Only you can decide whether a particular facility is right for you or a loved one.

Our role is to cut down the time and stress involved, by matching you to facilities that have vacancies and meet your care needs, budget, location and other preferences.

Which aged care facilities are on your system?

Aged Care Decisions works with the vast majority of aged care facilities in metropolitan areas of Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland.

Every aged care providers in our system must be currently accredited and licensed by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission.

If Aged Care Decisions determines that an aged care provdier has lost its accreditation, for any reason, or if we receive complaints of significant dissatisfaction by families which are documented and can be proven, the provider may be excluded from our network.

How do you determine a shortlist?

Using our network of hundreds of aged care facilities across Australia, Aged Care Decisions helps families identify options based on a loved one’s stated needs, preferences and budget.

We take this information, and match it against known and existing aged care vacancies in nursing homes in the area of interest.

Importantly, we do not recommend one facility over another. Ultimately, it is up to a family, and their gut feel, about which facility is best to choose.

Using the app

How do I get our ACD Privacy Code?

Aged Care Decisions takes privacy very seriously. In order to receive an Options Report we must verify certain information.

Once you have spoken with our team, you will be sent an ACD Privacy Code via SMS and email. Using this Code you will be able to view shortlisted aged care options, book tours, and undertake a range of other functions.