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Property Solutions

Depending on their financial and family circumstances many families choose to sell or lease their loved one’s home at some stage during their aged care placement journey.

Many Aged Care Facilities require residents to pay an aged care bond and this bond is known as the RAD that averages over $400,000. This fee is completely refundable but is often quite a significant amount and it is at this point that families will often progress with selling the family home to assist with the payment of the RAD.

At Aged Care Decisions Property Solutions division our aim is to make the whole process as simple and as stress-free as possible.

 How we help

Sale Preparation

Provide information that will assist with the preparation of the home for sale.

Real Estate Agents Introductions

Provide introductions to local Real Estate Agents that are accredited with Aged Care Decisions.

Smooth Transition

Provide support in the transition time and help alleviate stress and confusion.

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