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Assisting Home Care Providers connect with families looking for home care

Home Care Providers

Assisting Home Care Providers connect with families looking for home care
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We partner with both private and not-for-profit home care providers to empower families with choice when searching for the right home care provider. We complete a comprehensive care assessment of each potential client and carefully match it against our database of home care providers. 

Importantly, Aged Care Decisions only charges providers a client introduction fee where if a new client referral results in a signed home care package service agreement with the care recipient.

Our service is 100% risk free for providers, with no joining fee, no registration fee and no ongoing fees.

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About Our Service

Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest aged care placement and support service for families – helping hundreds of families each month connect with home care providers and aged care facilities.

We assist families with all elements of the aged care journey – including shortlisting, matching and identifying an appropriate home care provider or aged care facility.

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How We Can Help

Our home care specialists work with you to match prospective clients to the services you provide.

key Matched to your service requirements

At all times, you are in control and can nominate the types of client, and care need, referrals you wish to receive. 


Comprehensive client profile

You will receive a client profile which includes the care needs of a home care recipient, their home care package details, Referral Codes and the client’s key decision making criteria.


Manage referrals in one place

All our partner’s have access to our live Provider Portal where they can update listings, as well as view and action home care referrals. 


Qualified at the point of admission

All clients referred to you will have had their home care package funds assigned to them and are at the critical point of needing to find a service provider. 

Obligation free

Qualified Referrals

The referrals you will receive are qualified and at the point of service selection as they are carefully screened and matched to providers by our Placement Specialists.

Referred clients are always at the critical point of needing services as they have had their Home Care package funds released to them.

To relieve your administrative burden, we also provide you with important information relating to the client including Referral Codes, contact details, care needs and suburb.

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What's the price?

Aged Care Decisions charges an home care provider if, and only if, a referral in a service agreement. The Client Introduction Fee is a discounted value of 7% of the annual value of the relevant Home care package subsidy. This fee is the same for every home care provider across Australia, and is the same regardless of financial status of the resident. There is no joining fee, no registration fee, and no ongoing fees. The only fee payable is upon a service agreement being signed. No service agreement, no fee.

What's the cancellation policy?

A provider can cancel at anytime by providing 5 days written notice. A provider can switch on or off from receiving referrals at any time by logging into the Aged Care Decisions Provider Portal.

When does a provider pay?

The Client Introduction Fee is payable only upon a service agreement being signed with the home care recipient

Do you disclose your placement services fee to families?

Yes, in all instances. We are fully transparent about how and when Aged Care Decisions will charge an aged care or home care provider. This detail is provided to home care recipients and families in their first interaction with Aged Care Decisions, and at multiple points throughout the aged care journey.

Can we pay more to receive more referrals?

No. Transparency requires that the prices nominated above are industry wide. We do not recommend one provider over another. Rather, our role is to provide information and to match potential clients to home care providers where a match exists on care needs and preferences.

How do we get started?

Simply fill out a one page Home Care Services Registration Form, and we can have your organisation up and running on the same day. Register below.

A Home Care Referral is

  • Listed on our internal database
  • Available to receive referral services
  • Is supported by our highly trained staff to ensure speedy admission outcomes.

In order to regulate our interactions with both the Aged Care industry and the families who use our services, we have developed a voluntary code of conduct to provide transparency in interactions between all Aged Care Decisions staff, partners and associates.

View the Voluntary Code of Conduct.


Provider Registration

In order to receive home care referrals from Aged Care Decisions your organisation must be registered. Complete this form to request registration. Registration requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

Is your organisation the operator of one or more home care services registered and accredited by the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission?

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