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Carer Gateway is about caring for you while you care for someone else. This Commonwealth Program aims to support Carers by offering support and a number of other helpful services, including access to emergency respite which can be funded by the Carer Gateway program.. Aged Care Decisions has been selected to partner with Carer Gateway to help carers find emergency respite for their loved ones when the need arises.

What is Carer Gateway?

The Australian Government has introduced a new service delivery model for carers. It aims to help them get the support they need early, before reaching crisis point. The new delivery model, called the Carer Gateway, is part of an overall $700 million investment by the Australian Government to support Australia’s 2.7 million unpaid carers.

How can Carer Gateway help you?

By calling Carer Gateway, you will be connected with a new Australia-wide network of Carer Gateway service providers. They will talk through your options and help you to find local services and support. The services they offer include carer support and planning, in-person and phone-based coaching, counselling, peer support and access to emergency respite.

How does Emergency Respite work?

A key element of the Carer Gateway is making emergency respite and crisis support more available, accessible and tailored to carers. On Monday 6th April 2020, this new way of helping carers find emergency respite began.

How does Aged Care Decisions help with Emergency Respite?

Aged Care Decisions has been appointed by Carer Gateway Regional Delivery Partners to provide emergency respite support and brokerage services in regions covering Queensland and part of New South Wales. Our Emergency Placement Team shortlist aged care facilities in a particular area that match the care needs of the care recipient. We are also able to offer carers a highly personalised support service to increase understanding, save time, increase choice and, ultimately, reduce stress. The service is free for Carers to access via the Carer Gateway program.

About our Emergency Placement Team

To support the Carer Gateway program, we have a dedicated Emergency Placement Team to attend to the emergency respite Carer Gateway cases. The support provided by our Emergency Placement Team has a focus on increasing choice and support for carers. When our team receive an emergency respite request through Carer Gateway, we contact the client as soon as possible to get a better understanding of their care needs and preferences. With visibility over vacancy data from all the facilities within our network, we search our live database to generate a list of respite options in their preferred area and support them every step of the way through to successful placement. We offer carers a highly personalised support service to increase understanding, save time, increase choice and, ultimately, reduce stress.

Aged Care Decisions is a fast, free and independent service that works with families to assist in finding aged care options that match their needs. Whether you are a carer or just a concerned loved one, looking for Emergency Respite or permanent residential care, Aged Care Decisions can help you.