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ITRAC 2019: Changing How We Think About Aged Care Placement

In light of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety, ITRAC 2019 will be a groundbreaking study that investigates and measures the actual direct cost of transitioning into residential aged care for patients discharging from a hospital or other clinical environment.
Government, regulators, aged care providers, hospitals and other industry participants all have a vested interest in improving systems and processes that directly impact how a patient transitions from a clinical environment into a longer term care environment.
Those systems and processes need to take into account how hospitals, social workers, discharge planners, rehabilitation coordinators and transition care specialists interact with patients and their families to bring about aged care placement outcomes that are suitable.
ITRAC 2019 will, for the first time, investigate the total cost of aged care transition on hospitals – including the real people cost, and the impact on hospital waiting lists. The study will also investigate what current processes are used, and how they impact longer term patient clinical outcomes.
ITRAC 2019 will build upon the work done by Aged Care Reviews in its 2016 ‘Great Australian Aged Care Entry Survey’ – an equally landmark study that for the first time collated and published data on the direct experience of families navigating the often complex aged care system.

Study Methodology
ITRAC 2019 will commence in August 2019 with a voluntary online survey distributed to health professionals who directly interact with patients transitioning into aged care.
Survey results will be collated, analysed, with the ITRAC 2019 Report to be published online in September 2019.
A copy of the ITRAC 2019 Report will be distributed to survey participants free of charge.
The ITRAC 2019 Report will also form the basis of a professional development module to be made available to the appropriate professional associations.

About Aged Care Decisions
Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest aged care placement service, supporting thousands of families a month across Australia with 100% free aged care placement support and advice.
The service uses a data-first approach to match the care needs, preferences and budget of each individual patient to aged care vacancies in the area of search.
Nearly two-thirds of all aged care facilities in major metropolitan areas supply Aged Care Decisions with live vacancy data, and more importantly, desired care profiles. They also agree to pay an industry standard placement fee upon a placement occurring.
The result is a fast, efficient and stress free aged care placement.

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