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Case Study: When the sale of the family home is the last thing on a family’s mind


At Aged Care Decisions, we meet many families from all across Australia. One consistent theme we have noticed in the thousands of families we have assisted, is that the sale of the family home can cause a huge amount of stress. This is worsened for those whose emotional energy is already spent caring for elderly loved one.

One such case was Belinda*, who contacted the team at Aged Care Decisions knowing that she needed to transition her parents from their home, into an Aged Care Facility, in the not-too-distant future. One of the main issues for Belinda, an only child, was the location of her parents’ home. Being a few hours’ drive away from where she lived made it hard, not only to visit and care for her parents, but also to prepare the home for sale. The Aged Care Decisions team helped Belinda identify nearby care options for her parents, so she would be able to bring them closer to her when the time came. Unfortunately, her parents’ health deteriorated, especially that of her father. As his condition worsened, Belinda was busy arranging in-home care and local support for her mum and dad.

Belinda got back in touch with the team at Aged Care Decisions a few months later, and her family situation had changed dramatically. Her father unfortunately passed away, and her mother was not able return to living alone in her own home. While trying to arrange placement into an Aged Care Facility, Belinda’s mother lived with her. The Aged Care Decisions team were able to assist Belinda in placing her mum in a facility quite close to Belinda, using temporary Respite Care funding.

The next job for Belinda was to arrange the sale of the family home so that the finalisation of the paperwork could happen, and the RAD bond could be paid to the Aged Care Facility that her Mum was now very settled into. The stress for Belinda was immense. Not only was she on the emotional journey of grief for her father, but she was also helping her mother adjust to new circumstances. The last thing she needed was to travel three hours away every weekend to prepare the family home for sale. And it needed to be sold within the strict time window imposed by the aged care system to pay for the RAD.

Unfortunately, there was no magic wand that could pack up of decades of memories, or clean and repair a property that desperately required attention. As with Belinda’s case, there are so many times here at Aged Care Decisions we wish we could do more to help. This desire to help families has led to the creation of our Property Solutions division. In situations like Belinda’s, that enables us to introduce families to a local Real Estate Agent who understands the aged care transition process, and could have advised Belinda on important considerations for her parents’ home. This help could have made all the difference—before things became so desperate.

At Aged Care Decisions, we are committed to assisting families throughout the whole aged care transition process. Our Property Solutions team handpick and train dedicated local agents in the Aged Care transition process, so they can be attuned to the specific needs of families, like Belinda’s, during this difficult time.

For more information or to find an agent in your local area get in touch at property@agedcaredecisions.com.au .


*Name has been changed for anonymity purposes