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How the sale of a property can affect families as they transition a loved one to Aged Care

At Aged Care Decisions, we have a fantastic team of Case Managers who guide our clients through the complexities of the Aged Care Placement process, especially if the family is trying to arrange care for an elderly family member in hospital. Often, our case managers are the first point of contact after families are told by medical staff that their loved one can no longer go back to living on their own.

“It is hard for families. They are struggling with the news that their loved one’s life is now going to be different forever, and then they have the realisation that they have to sell the house.” —Billy, Aged Care Decisions Case Manager

For many families, the move to Aged Care requires swift action that makes the sale of the family home lower on their list of priorities– getting Mum or Dad looked after is of course the most important thing.

“At Aged Care decisions, we are able to help get a family’s loved one into Respite Care but then they realise that the government will only pay for 63 days of respite and they need to get the house sold before the respite care period ends. Often they have no idea what to do next.” —Billy, Aged Care Decisions Case Manager

Families feel overwhelmed in this situation. They are usually juggling their own children or grandchildren, full time work, and their own homes and lives. The sale of the family home is typically left until after the parents are settled in and have their care needs sorted out. The process of decluttering, going through a lifetime of memories, and making a home ready for sale must then begin. Not to mention, the property must be appraised and an agent needs to be found.

At this point, families need a local real estate agent with compassion and integrity. They need someone who empathises with the process that they are a part of and helps to get the best results within this limited time frame.

At Aged Care Decisions, we are committed to assisting families throughout the whole process. Because of this, we have created a Property Solutions division. Not only do we handpick dedicated, local agents and train them in the Aged Care transition process, but also in the specific needs of families during this time. We have staff on the Aged Care Decisions team who can provide specialised advice to families about how and when to prepare a family home for sale. Our hope here at Aged Care Decisions is that we can assist families and relieve some of the stress that they may experience during the transition process.

For more information or to find an agent in your local area get in touch at property@agedcaredecisions.com.au .