Property is often the last thing on a families mind.


At Aged Care Decisions we are faced with the challenge of placing family members into Aged Care in a timely manner. A fall or sudden illness that has care consequences often means that the parent or elderly family member is unable to return to their home and continue to care for themselves, even with assistance from family or In Home Care. In these instances, there is a huge learning curve for families to try and get their loved one placed in an appropriate Aged Care facility within the timeframes established by the hospital discharge team.

All of a sudden families have to get their heads around the complicated world of Aged Care. New acronyms like RAD, ACFI and ACAT are thrown around with such speed that the families heads are left whirring, at what is already an emotionally difficult time. This is most often when the team here at Aged Care Decisions first encounter a family. Our role is to help them navigate through the maze of acronyms, paperwork and decisions to be made, with the end goal of finding the care option best suited to their loved one.

At Aged Care Decisions, we often find that families hit a roadblock when it comes to knowing what to do with the family home, is it better to sell or rent it out? Generally, the property is not a current high priority with many families taking the initial approach of dealing with it at a later date however this can be in some instances be a cause for the Aged Care transition process to stall.

Whether renting or selling the family home, the practical implications when the occupant is incapacitated and unable to manage this themselves, is also daunting for many families. The decluttering and packing up of a home that holds a lifetime of memories is in itself an emotionally wrought time. Especially when the whole situation was unplanned and unexpected.

Regardless of what a family may choose to do with the home, it is a requirement to include an estimation of the value of the property on the Centrelink paperwork. This is the first of many points that the added complexity of property may slow down the transition to Aged Care. Whilst it may be easy to take a stab in the dark, unfortunately if the estimated price is not of a fair evaluation, Centrelink will require the form to be completed again and re-sent, which of course adds unnecessary stress and time.

At Aged Care Decisions we recognise the challenge that this potential obstacle can bring to the Aged Care transition process. We have seen families struggle with this portion of the process time and time again. In response to this we have developed a strategy that aims to assist in relieving the stresses relating to property. This involves us having hand selected and trained a panel of real estate agents who are both understanding and empathetic of the complexities of the transition to aged care. Our goal is to streamline the process for families, making what is often a difficult time as smooth as possible.

Our Property Solutions team are with you every step of the way from decluttering and preparing the home for rent or sale right through to settlement. We take the time to understand what is important to you before finalising the decision to put your loved one’s home on the market.

If you would like more information on how the Aged Care Decisions Property Solutions team can assist your family or to find an agent in your local area get in touch at .

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