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Aged care decisions

Aged Care Placement Services for Health Professionals

At Aged Care Decisions we provide specialist support to Health Professionals involved in the discharge of elderly patients into aged care. This includes those involved in social work, discharge planning and geriatrics.

We are Australia’s largest Aged Care Placement and Support and provide free support to over 2,000 families every month.

Opportunities for support include:

  • Access to our FREE platform for Health Professionals called the Aged Care Placement Portal. This portal provides specialist support to health professionals involved in the discharge of elderly patients into aged care,
  • Access to our highly trained aged care Placement Specialists, who can assist by matching patients and their families to suitable aged care options with vacancies – at absolutely no cost.
  • Access to FREE resources via our Information Hub, which contains helpful links for both health professionals and patients.


Aged Care
Placement Portal

The Aged Care Placement Portal is a one-stop-shop for health professionals to assist elderly patients discharging into aged care. Health professionals can refer patients to our Placement Specialists in order to have their discharge into residential aged care expedited.

Our Portal is streamlined to allow for clinicians of all disciplines to refer patients quickly and efficiently.

Our Aged Care Placement Team reports updates and outcomes back to the referrer via our Portal and tracks the patients progress all the way through to placement. Our Information Hub is one easy place for health professionals to view and share useful resources.

In order to accommodate hospital discharge timelines and patient needs, our team’s service is unique in a number of ways:

  • An individual Placement Specialist works with the family throughout the entire placement process.
  • Referrals can be made online via the Aged Care Placement Portal with your own unique login;
  • Updates and outcomes are reported back to the referring party;
  • The Portal is one easy location to find your case information and placement progress notes;
  • Our team has access to a live database of vacancies, and after-hours admissions contact information for registered providers.

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Extending the team

Service to Hospitals

We understand that supporting patient discharge from hospitals into Aged Care can involve;

1. Involve High Stress

Once a hospital is registered, clinicians, social workers and discharge planners can easily refer cases to the Aged Care Placement Team in order to have their discharge into residential aged care expedited. The referral can be made manually, or via the Aged Care Placement Portal. The referral process is designed to be streamlined, so clinicians of all disciplines can access and refer patients quickly and efficiently.

2. Require Urgent Care

Clinicians will also be able to track the progress of an individual patient through the placement process, from referral to discharge to successful placement.

3. Need 24/7 Support for Family and Other Stakeholders

At Aged Care Decisions we know that hospitals do not work on a 9 to 5 schedule, so with our Aged Care Placement Portal referrals can easily be made online at any time. 

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