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Health Professionals

Aged care decisions

Placement Services for Health Professionals

At Aged Care Decisions we provide specialist support to Health Care Professionals in Aged Care, Social Work, Discharge Planning and Geriatrics.

We are the top Aged Care placement service in Australia, providing Emergency Placement services to the Australian Government through its Carer Gateway program. 

Opportunities for support include:

  • Access to our highly trained Aged Care Placement staff to assist with questions and information reguarding placements and care options
  • Staff training modules delivered in house with focus on discharge planning for aged care
  • Advice on placement for difficult to place cases
  • 100% free access to our services for patients and their families.


Placement Portal

The Emergency Placement Portal is a Heath Care Professional platform designed for hospital social workers to work with our Aged Care Decisions’ “Emergency Placement” team to effectively and more efficiently place patients into Aged Care.

The Emergency Placement Portal enables social workers to create new patient cases, store patient information, submit placement referrals to Aged Care Decisions, receive and send placement referrals to families, and monitor the status of cases.

To accommodate the urgency of emergency placement into Aged Care, the teams service is unique in a number of ways:

  • An individual Placement Specialist works with the family throughout the placement process;
  • The Team is available 7 days a week for referral and consultation therefore being able to expedite placement;
  • The Team reports updates and outcomes to the referrer pathway;
  • Referrer pathway participants are provided with user credentials to the Emergency;
  • Placement Portal provides a one stop shop containing all case Information and placement progress notes;
  • The Emergency Placement Team has sole access to a live access database and after hours admissions contact people for all providers working with Aged Care Decisions.

Extending the team

Service to Hospitals

The nature of emergency placement for cases sent through the Carer Gateway referral pathway is broadly similar as patients discharging from hospitals into Aged Care in that they;

1. Involve High Stress

Once a hospital is registered, Clinicians, social workers and discharge planners can easily refer cases to the Emergency Placement team to have their discharge into Residential Aged Care expedited. The referral can be made manually, or via the Emergency Placement Portal. The referral process is designed to be streamlined to allow for clinicians of all disciplines to access and refer based on the needs of their patients with minimal time Investment.

2. Require Urgent Care

Clinicians will also be able to track the progress of an individual patient through the placement process, from referral to discharge and successful placement.

3. Need 24/7 Support for Family and Other Stakeholders

At Aged Care Decisions we know that Hospitals do not work on a 9 to 5 schedule, therefore the Emergency Placement Team is available 7 days a week, with confirmation of receipt of referral within 30 minutes any time of the day.

100% FREE support for families

Carer Gateway

What is carer gateway?

A Service Designed by Carers, for Carers

The Carer Gateway is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide early intervention & assistance to the nation’s 2.7 million unpaid carers.

From April 2020 a new regional network of service providers will deliver a range of carer support services – including carer support and planning, in person and phone based coaching, counselling & in person peer support and access to emergency respite. 

targeted research

Designed for Carers

The Australian Government has carried out extensive research and engaged with stakeholders over two years to re-design services for carers to better suit carers needs. 


Integrated carer support

Service Delivery Model

Improvements include the introduction of new early-intervention services and a new service delivery model that will provide carers with a support system that is easy to navigate and provides a consistent experience across Australia. 

Aged care decisions 

Personalised Approach

The Aged Care Decisions service model provides a highly personalised case management approach to aged care advice, information & placement support.The service is already used by thousands of families each month.

Aged care decisions

Delivery Providers

Our role is to quickly and efficiently match carers to suitable respite options. We already work with a large number of aged care providers nationally, and can harness the power of this national vacancy database for the benefit of fast, efficient and hands on placement into emergency respite on a 7 day a week, and after hours, basis.

Emergency Respite & CRCC’s

More Support

The Carer Gateway is reforming how emergency respite support services are provided to carers. These reforms affect some services previously provided by the network of Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centres (CRCC).

Where a care recipient does not yet have a Referral Code for respite issued by My Aged Care the carer will be able to access the Carer Gateway to obtain immediate respite on a ‘private’ basis. 

The Carer Gateway will expand on the services offered by the CRCCs in a number of important ways:

  • Carer Gateway emergency respite support will be 7 days a week, and after hours;
  • Carer Gateway emergency respite support will be provided through an individualised, hands on case management methodology; and
  • Carer Gateway emergency respite placement referrals will be made from a live vacancy database – ensuring accuracy in placement referrals, faster responsiveness back to carers, and ultimately, reduced stress for carers.
What's happening to CRCC's?

As of April 2020 a number of reforms will be implemented that will see a range of respite assistance services for carers be delivered by the Carer Gateway. In the past a number of these services had previously been delivered by the network of Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre’s (CRCC’s) across Australia.

In areas where Aged Care Decisions is working with the Carer Gateway regional delivery providers, the emergency respite support and brokerage services previously provided by the CRCCs will be provided by Aged Care Decisions.

As a provider can we still receive respite referrals?

Yes. All providers who register with the Aged Care Decisions Provider Portal, and advise they wish to receive Emergency Respite referrals, will do so.

As a provider will you charge us a respite placement fee?

No. Any Respite Introduction Fees related to a Carer Gateway care recipient will be paid by the Australian Government, and will not be charged to an aged care provider.

As a provider will you advise us of changes in respite vacancies?
Yes. As with the current Aged Care Decisions Provider Portal, providers will be responsible for updating emergency respite referral status (on/off), and advising after hour admissions contacts.


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