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How Aged care decisions works

Making the right decision easier

Aged Care Decisions is a fast, free and independent service that works with families to assist in finding aged care vacancies for a loved one.

Our trained and professional Placement Specialists will prepare a customised list of vacancies that match the family’s care needs, budget, preferred location and timeline. This allows families to make an independent and hassle-free decision with no stress all for FREE!

We work with over 1000 Aged Care facilities across Australia – big and small – to make sure you have choice and control. This means that our provider partners pay us for our placement services and as a result leaves you with no fee.

Aged Care Decisions is a guaranteed 100% free of charge placement service for families.


Tell us your preferences

Use our simple application process to tell us your family’s care preferences, budget, preferred location and timeline.


Receive a customised options report

You receive a customised & tailored aged care vacancy options report – based on your preferences, budget and location. You decide which ones to shortlist & tour.


Let us help with tours, fees & applications

We help you to organise tours of preferred options, quickly complete all government and Centrelink requirements, and get up to speed on how fees work.

How we get paid

First off – Aged Care Decisions is 100% free of charge to families. No if’s, no but’s, and no hidden charges.

Our fees are paid by aged care providers, who pay us a set industry standard placement services fee if you choose to place with a facility introduced by Aged Care Decisions. The fee paid by aged care providers is exactly the same for every facility in Australia – meaning we have no financial motivation in one facility over another. That fee is exactly the same regardless of your financial status, RAD or care level.

Importantly – you are always in control. You can choose to fully use our service and then select a facility not introduced by our team.

Even if you ultimately select an aged care facility not introduced by Aged Care Decisions, our service will still remain 100% free of charge.

Our only desire is that you and your family select an aged care facility that meets your needs. Only you can decide whether a particular facility is right for you or a loved one. Our role is to cut down the time and stress involved, by matching you to facilities that have vacancies and meet your care needs, budget, location and other preferences.

Why you won't get charged

We understand that families may be concerned about whether the fee that Aged Care Decisions charges to an aged care provider can be ‘passed on’ to them.

The short answer is – no. Under Australian law an aged care provider cannot ‘pass on’ the placement fee charged by Aged Care Decisions, or otherwise increase their fees to compensate for paying for the Aged Care Decisions placement services.

The Aged Care Act 1997 clearly defines what types of fees an aged care provider can charge. Aged care providers are not permitted, by law, to charge additional fees beyond that permitted by the Aged Care Act.

Our Client Support Guarantee

Aged Care Decisions is and will always be a 100% free aged care placement service for families. Our service guarantees all potential residents the support they need in their aged care placement journey. Read our full Client Support Guarantee.

Our partner providers

Aged Care Decisions works with a large range of aged care providers representing over 1200 aged care facilities across Australia.

Those providers span the full range of types of aged care providers – including for profit, not for profit, large national brands, and providers who only operate one or two facilities.

We work in partnership with providers to ensure vacancy information is constantly updated, and ensure that our Case Managers can provide the right level of information to admission managers to allow providers to quickly consider your aged care needs.

Our goal is to help aged care providers quickly establish whether you or your loved one’s care level and care needs are suitable for a particular facility – unlocking a faster placement & admissions process.

Privacy & Placement Policy

In order to facilitate a faster and stress free aged care placement process, upon commencing to use our service your designated Case Manager will gather some personal, clinical and financial information about the person entering care.

We gather this information so we can pass it onto appropriately matched aged care providers, who in turn will consider this information prior to advising whether they can cater to the care needs of the person entering care.

Without the ability to do this you and your family would be required to provide the exact same information multiple times, often in different formats. The Aged Care Decisions case management process is deliberately designed to be easy to use, and save weeks of running around.

Beyond using this information to facilitate a speedy aged care placement, your personal information is kept private & confidential. Personal information is securely held on our Australian based servers, and is not used for any marketing or sales purposes.

Voluntary Code of Conduct

In order to regulate our interactions with both the Aged Care industry and the families who use our services, we have developed a voluntary code of conduct to provide transparency in interactions between all Aged Care Decisions staff, partners and associates. View the Voluntary Code of Conduct.


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