How Aged Care Decisions helped me find respite care: Chris

Jan 5, 2022 | AGED CARE NEWS

At Aged Care Decisions, we aim to make everyone’s aged care as stress free and timely as possible. That’s why we tailor our service to each person’s specific aged care needs. We recently had the opportunity to help Chris, who was looking for an aged care facility for her mother. 


Chris’s aged care journey

Chris’s mother is 94 and very independent. She lives in Toowoomba with Chris’s brother and wife, who are in their 60s. Even though Chris’s mother doesn’t believe she needs much care, her family is feeling in need of a break.

Unable to take on the responsibility of full-time care, Chris suggested to the family they consider a respite stay for their mother to give her brother and sister-in-law a break.

Although Chris’s mother had some initial reluctance, she was willing to give it a try. Chris and her mother are currently waiting for the ACAT assessment results so that Chris can finalise the respite care booking at their chosen aged care home.

We asked Chris about her aged care journey and how Aged Care Decisions is helping her through the process.


How did you begin your search for finding an aged care home and navigating the aged care journey?

I’m an absolute newbie with a mobile phone. I started very late. I’m nearly 70 and I’ve only had it for a year. So I rather awkwardly asked Mr Google for government-funded nursing homes in Toowoomba.


And what were the results like? Were they helpful?

The company, Aged Care Decisions, just popped up. What I thought would happen was that some places would pop up and I might get to see some photos, but then I got a phone call. And I thought, this is good! Then, the next day, I got a phone call from one of the places that was recommended and I thought, this is even better! I mean, it’s down my street and I can just go down and visit. The visits were arranged for me by Aged Care Decisions. It was so easy.


Did you know much about aged care when you began looking at options?

Everything I’d ever heard about trying to find an aged care home was from my friends, because they’d been through it. It was just bad stories: you can’t find anything and they’re awful. So I was really anxious about doing it and I kind of put it off. And then, all of a sudden, I asked one question in Google and I got straight onto Aged Care Decisions.



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How did Aged Care Decisions help you through that process?

Oh, I didn’t have to think. They just did everything. The lady I spoke to, I think her name was Michelle, she was just, honestly, it was like having a really close friend walking beside you. She did all the thinking for me. She’s kept up with everything and it has been very personal. She took an interest in me, she took an interest in the story, and when my dog died, she knew I was upset and said she’d call me next week.

How did you feel about aged care at the time?

I was terrified because every story I’d ever heard was bad, bad, bad. You know, it’s confronting for me because, at 70 and with disabilities, I’m looking at this in my own future. So it gentled me into it with Aged Care Decisions. I just took a deep breath and I thought, I don’t have to fret over this. This is going very well. The only fly in the ointment is my mother!

Did you have any questions or need any extra help from Aged Care Decisions?

I found the process to be completely adequate and Michelle constantly said to me, anything you need, just ring me, anytime. She checks up on me; she’ll probably call sometime this week. She’s so sweet; we had a great talk actually.

What did you feel were the benefits of using Aged Care Decisions?

Oh, how long have you got? I wouldn’t have known what to do! I mean, I would have had to call each place. See, I’m no good on the computer. Michelle spent about an hour one day trying to get me onto a site so that I could look at photos. You couldn’t ask for better help. I mean, for me, it was above and beyond anything that you would have expected. It made a really difficult situation a breeze. That’s not overstating it; it was a breeze. And it’s free! I couldn’t believe it. I just hit gold when Mr Google found Aged Care Decisions for me.

Would you recommend Aged Care Decisions for other people looking to enter aged care?

One hundred percent with my whole heart because I just can’t imagine how bad it would have been without them. I haven’t got the capacity physically or emotionally to do it. They cut down my stress levels by a million percent.

What tips would you give other families going through the aged care journey?

All I can think of is to go through Aged Care Decisions because, anything other than that, you’re up for a lot of work.

The Aged Care Decisions Support Service

The Aged Care Decisions support service is tailored to you because no two aged care journeys are the same. We were delighted to be able to make aged care a breeze for Chris and look forward to offering continuing support when she needs it. If you are about to begin your own aged care journey, we can help with anything you might need along the way. Get in touch by phone on 1300 775 870 or complete our simple online form. Our free service will make finding aged care easy.


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