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Section 1

Updating Portal Information

Quick Introduction to the Provider Portal

What is the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal has two main functions;

1) it allows you to view and action referrals and,

2) it allows you to manage Facility or Service area information so we can best match our clients with your Facility or Home Care Service.

The page you will probably use the most in the Provider Portal is the Kanban or Dashboard. When you open the portal, it will automatically open to your dashboard. Simply put, the dashboard is where you can view and manage all your current referrals.

To navigate the Provider Portal, you must use the Menu Bar. Please reach out to the Provider Success team on 1300 150 724 or to arrange a Portal Tour.

To see an overview of the Menu Bar and Dashboard, please see below screenshot.

Please note you can scroll across the page for RAC dashboard to view all columns.

To update the status of the Referral, access the dropdown menu as seen below:

Turning Facilities or Service Areas ON & OFF - RAC & HC

In order to add a new facility to the Provider Portal, you must contact Provider Success Team from Aged Care Decisions either by phone at 1300 150 724 or by email

If you set a status to ‘Accepting Referrals/Placements’ then the facility or service area will appear in our case management matching system when looking for matches with our clients. However, if you turn off ‘Accepting referrals” or change to ‘Not accepting placements’ then the facility or service area will not appear in our matching system and will not receive referrals.

Changing a status about whether you are currently accepting or not accepting referrals from Aged Care Decisions can be done in the Vacancies Tab(RAC) or the Home Care Services Tab (HC) of the Provider Portal.

Start by choosing the Facility or Service area via its own hyperlink under the Facility or Service name.

Then changing status by ticking on each facility to be changed and changing on right hand side between accepting and not accepting. Save changes.

Toggle on and off for each service. Remember to save changes or save and exit.


Updating Features – RAC & HC

Updating what type of care a facility offers can be done in the Facilities tab of the Provider Portal. From this tab, click onto the facility you wish to edit and go to the tab up the top that says Features.

In this section, you can select whether your facility accepts or does not accept concessional residents. You can also select whether your facility offers or does not offer respite and other important features. It is important that this information is correct because this is how we match our clients to your facilities.

For some more information, please see the images below:


Updating Vacancies - RAC

In order to make sure that the referrals we send are best matched to the current needs of each facility, we recommend updating vacancies every week.

You can update the Vacancies within the vacancies tab of the Provider Portal, by adding the number and type of beds you have available, which is shown below:

You can also place important information in the Provider vacancy Notes & offers for our Placement Specialists. This includes Best contacts at the facility, any special offers and limitations e.g. minimum 3 weeks respite or Special offer – 4 weeks respite free or RAD’s negotiable etc.

Updating RAD Prices - RAC

Updating information about a facility’s RAD prices and room types can be done in the facilities tab of the Provider Portal. From this tab, click onto the facility you wish to edit and go to the tab up the top that says Room Types.

You will come to a page like the one shown below:

Please note that all pricing information is shown to potential residents in their options report.

Adding / Deleting Facility Images - RAC

When an Aged Care Decisions client receives their options report, they are shown images of each facility. In order to make sure your facilities have up to date images, you can add and delete images under the Facilities tab.

From this tab, click onto the facility you wish to edit and go to the tab up the top that says Options report settings.

To add images, simply drag them into the Cover Image & Images box or select file by selecting Browse Images. The image will then display on the screen ready to be cropped or uploaded.

If you wish to crop photo, just press crop button and then move the border to crop as needed and then press save image.

Delete any pictures you are not happy with and then press upload. You are able to delete any images by pressing the bin icon under the image. You do not need to save changes once uploaded.


Adding or Removing Service Localities - HC

ACD recently upgraded from Aged Care Planning Regions to Postcodes and Home Care Providers are now able to change localities in the portal.

Under the Service Localities Tab you will see your current Localities listed at the top and Uncovered Localities (every other postcode in Australia) at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to check a service postcode or remove a service postcode, you can search in the Current localities. A search can be completed under any option eg postcode, suburb, state etc.

If removing a postcode then you click the on postcode to be removed and press remove selected. It will ask you to confirm this action.

To add a new service area, search on the lower half of the page under Uncovered localities until postcode of choice located.

Tick the location and press the Green Add selected button. Multiple choices can be made and added in need.

Once confirmed the postcode will now be visible in the Current localities and be visible to the ACD placement specialists immediately when matching client localities.

More functionality to come in the new Service Localities Map tab to allow Providers a visual to the suburbs within their preferred locations.

Please contact the Provider Success Team on 1300 150 724 or  if any assistance required with localities.


Adding / Deleting Provider Users - RAC & HC

To add or delete users from the Provider Portal, please contact the Aged Care Decisions Provider Success team on 1300 150 724 or at

If you would like to simply view who has access to the Provider Portal, you can do this in the users tab of the Provider Portal. See below:


Adding New Facilities or Service Areas - RAC & HC

To add a new facility or Home Care Service Area to the Provider Portal, please contact the Aged Care Decisions Provider Success team on 1300 150 724 or at

How do I get the most out of Aged Care Decisions' Referrals?

Getting the most out of Aged Care Decisions’ referrals is all about staying up to date. Below is a list we recommend to do:

  • Try and action all referrals within 24 hours or as soon as possible and update the Status in either the Provider Portal dashboard or the Placement Opportunity page.
  • Make sure your details and contacts are correct and up to date.
  • RAC – Make sure all information in Options Report Settings are up to date. This is the 1st impression for all your potential residents and clients.
  • Make sure your Features are accurate and up to date. This is how we can accurately match you to our clients.
  • Make sure your RAD prices and room type information is up to date. RAC
  • Make sure your Facilities have images and those images are up to date. RAC
  • HC – Make sure you have uploaded your brochure or pricing schedule for your Service
  • RAC -Update vacancies weekly and write details under Provider vacancy notes & offers for our Placement specialist team such as best contacts at facility, specials or minimums for respite and other adhoc details such as RADS are negotiable etc
  • Check that all the facilities and service areas you want to receive referrals for are currently set as Accepting Referrals or Placements.

For more information on how to do these things, please contact the Provider Success Team on 1300 150 724 or

Section 2

Placement Introductions
Accept or reject a referral
There are two ways that you can accept or reject a referral. The first is through the Provider Portal dashboard (as shown in the ‘Quick Introduction to the Provider Portal’ section above). The second way is through the Placement Opportunity pages. The action buttons can be found beneath all the client’s details. Please see the image below:

aged care provider portal

Send message to client
As an alternative to calling, both families and facilities can message each other through Aged Care Decisions messaging, If a client chooses to message a Provider through the app, you will receive a notification via email. This email will then bring you to the referral page, where you can then message the client back. Messaging can be found towards the bottom of the referral pages on the left hand side. You can also choose to message the client directly. Please see the image below for more information:

Tour requests
In the app, families have the ability to book tours. They can choose a time that suits them and submit their request. You as a Provider will then be notified of the tour request via email. In the Provider Portal you are then able to accept, decline or reschedule the tour. Please see the image below for more information:

Viewing the current placement status of a client
If a case has been open for a while and you were wondering about its progress you can view the Active Placement Status in the Placement Opportunity pages. You can find this information in the top right corner of each referral. Please see the image below for more information:

Viewing case updates from our Placement Specialists
Sometimes our Placement Specialists will make updates to cases and instead of calling every facility on the clients list, they will send out a quick broadcast in the referrals. These updates can be found on the right hand side of the referrals in the tab called ACD Notes. We recommend checking this tab each time you go into a referral, just to see if any new information has appeared.

Making internal notes on your referrals
In the referrals, you are also able to make regular notes. These notes may help you keep a track of how the case is progressing. You can find these notes on the right hand side of the referrals in the tab called Internal Notes.

How clients receive their Options Report
Clients receive their Options Report via our Aged Care Decisions app. In this app, they can view all of their options, shortlist the facilities they like, share information with their family, message facilities and book tours. To get a feel for how these reports look and the process families go through, please see the image below:


Also, it is important to know what information from the Provider Portal is actually shown in the Options Report. Please see the list below:

  • Facility description,
  • Images,
  • Contact details, address and website, and
  • Room prices.
How are facilities matched to families?
Aged Care Decisions uses a custom built and internally developed case management software suite to manage placement needs for families.

We collect over 60 data points duing an initial case assessment – including data on location and radius, care needs, Aged Care Assessment approvals and Referral Codes, ACFI criteria, financial capacity (including financial status, RAD capacity, pension status, asset value, income levels, and protected person status/s), power of attorney and relationships, facility and room preferences, language and ethnic considerations, and other personal preferences. We also collect information on which facilities or providers that a family may have already spoken with or toured. The initial case assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete, and is done directly with a care recipient or family member.

We take this data and match it against our live database of national vacancies. Providers update this database via this Provider Portal. The matching is done by a Placement Specialist utilising a range of data filters.

The result is an initial shortlist of matched options. A Placement Specialist will talk through each option to ensure locational and facility strength of match, before issuing the shortlist to the family via the Aged Care Decisions app.

Section 3

Invoices & Payments
When does Aged Care Decisions send an invoice?

Aged Care Decisions will issue a Placement or Home Care Services Introduction fee invoice if we are advised that a referred client has placed in a facility or has signed a Home Care agreement with a Provider. 

Payment Terms

Aged Care Decisions standard payment Terms comprise of the following; 

  • Standard Invoice on 45-day payment terms 
  • Direct Debit end of month following invoice issued date. 
  • Enhanced Partner and Occupancy Partner monthly invoice issued 1st of Month with 14 day payment terms 
Residential Placement Introduction Fees


If a referred client places in a facility on a respite basis, Aged Care Decisions will issue an interim Respite Introduction Fee invoice. The amount of this invoice will be: 

  • $300.00 ex GST if the client is placed as a respite client.



If a referred client places in a facility on a Permanent basis, Aged Care Decisions will issue a Permanent Introduction Fee invoice. The amount of this invoice will be: 

  • $2950.00 ex GST if the client is placed as a Permanent Resident. 

Importantly, the Respite Introduction Fee $300.00 is deducted from the Permanent Introduction Fee of $2950.00 ex GST if the resident converts to a permanent resident. 

Home Care Services Introduction Fee
    Package Level: 1 

    11% of Annual Package Subsidy Value. 
    Package Level: 2 

    11% of Annual Package Subsidy Value. 
    Package Level: 3 

    9.5% of Annual Package Subsidy Value. 
    Package Level: 4 

    8% of Annual Package Subsidy Value. 
  • Private Paying Clients is the same as a Level 1 Home Care package fee 11% of Level 1 Annual Package Subsidy Value. 
Home Care Self-Managed Client Discount

A 10% discount on the initial invoice payable if the Successful Client Introduction relates to a Self-Managed Client. 

A further and additional 20% discount on the invoice payable if the Referred Client remains a Self-Managed Client on the date 150 days (5 months) after the Successful Client Introduction. 

Residential Aged Care Short Stay Rebate

Residential Aged Care Short Stay Rebate   

If a referred resident who takes up a permanent admission exits, passes away or moves out within 21 days of admission then Aged Care Decisions will apply a 60% rebate/credit to the Permanent Introduction Fee invoice in question. 

Home Care Short Care Rebate

Home Care Short Care Rebate 

The following discounts will apply to the Invoice Fee if the client passes away, or enters residential aged care:  

  • 75% discount/rebate if client ceases receiving home care services within 90 days 
  • 50% discount/rebate if client ceases receiving home care services within 180 days

For the avoidance of doubt, the discounts shall not apply where a Successful Client Introduction terminates receipt of Home Care Services from the Provider for any other reason. 

Resident / Recipient was already known to us (prior contact)

Our Approach

Aged Care Decisions placement introduction fees are only intended to apply to potential residents who are not known to a provider – i.e. new sales/admissions contacts. 

Our team specifically ask the client in question if they have been in touch with any providers, and if so, the name of those facilities/providers, during an initial case assessment. We always attempt to exclude facilities/providers from receiving a placement introduction where a family advise they have already been in touch with that provider. We now include an audio recorded link on our invoices to demonstrate the prior contact question has been asked along with a second recording of placement or signing agreement confirmation. This can be accessed by copying the link into a browser and pressing play. 

Formally, our terms & conditions  talk about a “potential aged care resident having had no prior active contact with the Operator in the ninety days priorto a Placement Introduction being provided to the Operator”. 

We consider “active prior contact” to be more than just having a family/client on an email list or having submitted an online form. We look for a provider having had an actual conversation with the client in question. 

Our Placement Specialists, and our Accounts team, always invite providers to let us know as early as possible if they have had prior contact with a client/family/resident. In doing so, we ask that you advise the date & time of the first contact being evidenced by time stamped communications between the Provider and the third-party representative. An example might be an entry in a CRM, email or sign in register or call log. 


Contact On Same Day as Aged Care Decisions Referral 

Providers should note that Aged Care Decisions supplies the name and phone number of matched facilities in our Options Report to a client/family. 

We have found in the past that sometimes a client/ family member may call the facility straight after receiving their Options Report. Thus, a provider’s CRM may record first contact from a family on the same day as receiving the Aged Care Decisions referral.  

To avoid confusion, we always request that a provider advise the time of first contact, as well as the day, so we can log that against when the Options Report was issued to the client. 

Placement with facility that was switched 'OFF'

Providers register with Aged Care Decisions at an organisational or provider level, and not at a facility level. Providers can switch individual facilities on or off through our Provider Portal. Larger providers may switch facilities on or off quite regularly as occupancy needs change. 

In some instances, Aged Care Decisions may issue a referral for a client to one particular facility operated by the provider, but the client may choose to place with another facility operated by that provider – that second facility having been switched ‘off’ in the Provider Portal at the time of issuing the referral. 

If a referred client places with a facility that was switched ‘off’ at the time of the referral being issued, and the provider did not actively promote or encourage the client to place at the second facility, then Aged Care Decisions will apply a 50% discount to the Permanent Placement Introduction Fee invoice. 

We do this to recognise that, but for Aged Care Decisions, the provider would not have placed the resident in question. And that, ultimately, it is up to a provider whether they accept or decline a particular placement. 

For more detail, please see our Terms & Conditions here.

Querying an invoice

There may be instances when a provider may wish to query an invoice issued by Aged Care Decisions. 

This may be because: 

  • The resident/family in question had contacted the provider before the Aged Care Decisions referral was issued. (Prior Contact)  
  • No record can be found of the resident having moved in or signed an agreement. 
  • The admission or signed agreement date is incorrect. 
  • The client passed away or left the Facility or Home Care service. 
  • The placement was made as a respite resident, not permanent resident. 

A query can be made on an invoice by emailing our Accounts team on – 

We ask that you note the basis of the query so we can follow up internally and provide a speedy response.

Cancelling your registration

A provider may completely cancel their registration at any time without cause by providing at least 30 days’ prior written notice. 

We ask that an appropriately authorised representative of the provider email our team at with the cancellation request. We will action all cancellation requests as soon as possible. 

Regardless of cancellation, a provider will remain liable for any referrals that place from placement introductions issued prior to the cancellation date. 

Upon a registration being cancelled we will block any access to our Provider Portal. 

Turning Facilities or Home Care Service Areas Off versus Cancelling Registration. 

An alternative to cancelling your registration is simply to switch all facilities or Service Areas ‘off’ from receiving referrals. 

You can do this by going to the “Vacancies” tab of the Provider portal, then switching each facility to “Not Accepting Placements”. 

Or to the “Home Care Services” tab of the Provider portal and switching each Home Care Service area to “Not Accepting Referrals”. 

This physically prevents our system from sending any referrals but still means the provider can come back in the future weeks and months to switch back on as needs change. 

Terms & conditions

If you have any questions regarding the contract between Aged Care Decisions and our provider partners, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. Our 2024 Terms & Conditions can be found  here.