Bianca Dye’s home care journey with Aged Care Decisions

Jul 2, 2024 | HOME CARE

We had a chat with Bianca Dye about her journey to get home care support for her lovely mum, Annie.

Three steps to finding home care services in Australia

You’ve recently discovered that Mum could benefit from a government-subsidised Home Care Package?

Yes! Mum and I didn’t even know that a Home Care Package was a thing! If you’re over 65 years old, you could be eligible for anywhere between $10,000 and $59,000 a year. You’ve got to go through the process though, and what I LOVE about Aged Care Decisions’ free service, is that they help you from the beginning, from step one, right through to the end – they help you.

I had no idea that we were even eligible for a Home Care Package and this kind of assistance. It’s going to be life changing for Mum. And for me too.


When and why did you decide to investigate home care for Mum?

Mum is 79, turning 80 soon, and it’s been on my to-do list for quite some time because it’s getting to the point now where I love her very much, but she definitely needs some help.

I worry about her because she’s at home alone, and I just worry about what she might be getting up to. Has she fallen over again? Has she set the house on fire? Haha! I’m freelancing at the moment, and while I do everything I can for Mum, I can’t always be there.


How does Mum feel about needing to get home care?

I know Mum is struggling with the idea of going into an aged care home and I don’t want her to have to do that unless she absolutely has to. I mean, she’s fiercely independent. She’s a strong, beautiful, smart, intelligent woman – most of the time. And we’re so similar, we’re like sisters. And we get along like a house on fire. We also want to kill each other sometimes. And I think all families can relate to that.

As Mum has said, it’s hard to admit that you need help. I think a lot of people find it hard to admit that they can’t do all the things that they used to be able to do. This is where home care can be a Godsend.


How is your home care journey going so far?

I get anxiety over this kind of stuff, and I know a lot of people do, so Aged Care Decisions’ service is exactly what I needed.

I’ve been getting lots of help and advice from Michelle at Aged Care Decisions. Thank goodness because I had NO IDEA where to start. Michelle’s been great, because she’s ringing us, she’s checking in on me, where are you up to with the process of applying, because you know, it does take a little bit of time.

To have someone guide me through the process has been amazing.


What’s your biggest fear about Mum getting older?

I just want to make sure that Mum can be independent, happy and safe. She wants to stay at home. She doesn’t want to go into an aged care facility. She’s nervous about doing that and I think a lot of elderly people go through that daunting experience.

If I have to travel for work, I want to know that Mum is OK and will be looked after when I can’t be there.


What happens next in your home care journey?

Well, we’ve booked an ACAT assessment (here’s a link to book online: Apply for an aged care assessment online | My Aged Care) and in a couple of weeks we will be interviewed by the team at My Aged Care. Then we’ll find out what help Mum is eligible for.

After that, Aged Care Decisions will help us find a home care provider that is perfect for Mum.

Someone that we trust. That’s so important. I want to make sure that she’s okay. And Aged Care Decisions make the whole process of finding the right provider so much easier. Like, they’re giving us peace of mind. How much does that cost? Thankfully, their amazing service is costing me nothing.


What advice would you give people in your situation.

There are waiting lists, so the key is, you’ve got to get online and apply for your Home Care Package and then speak to the guys at Aged Care Decisions as soon as you can. Don’t wait. This is something that has to happen quickly. I wish we’d known about this earlier.


What’s the best thing about Aged Care Decisions’ FREE service?

I think what I love the most about Aged Care Decisions is that they take all the hard work away.

They will take all your information and go off and do all the research. They will interview you, find out what you need specifically – as in the particular needs of your parents or parent – and then they will come back to you with a list of providers that will suit your loved one.

And then you can go through that list and go, “Oh, okay, that’s a good one, and that’s a good one” and what have you. Then they’ll set you up with the provider you choose.

It takes the hard work out of it for us. That’s invaluable, right?

I’m so grateful that I can share this journey with you and if you’re in the same position please contact Aged Care Decisions and let them help you – FOR FREE.

Click here, or on the banner below to connect with Aged Care Decisions, or you can call 1300 082 600.


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