Three steps to switching home care providers – at no cost

Mar 1, 2024 | HOME CARE

Switching to a new Home Care Package provider is easy – and it won’t cost you a cent.

Here’s how:

change home care providers at no cost

A good Home Care Package Provider delivers quality service, offers value for money and is there for you when you need them.

Home care services should help you live independently – and happily – by taking care of the household tasks that have become a bit too much for you to handle.

You deserve quality care, and if your current Home Care Package Provider isn’t measuring up, then switching to another provider is a viable solution.
Changing Home Care Package Providers will cost you nothing. You cannot be charged a fee for ceasing care with a provider.

Here’s more information about how the government improved Home Care Package charges by reducing unnecessary administration costs, and maximising funds spent on the delivery of care services.

My Aged Care also offer this handy guide to Managing your Home Care Package services.


You can change Home Care Package Providers by taking these three easy steps:



Step 1: Connect with our FREE service to find a new Home Care Package Provider.

Our professionally trained Placement Specialists will consider your care needs, location, budget, and personal preferences, and use our use custom-built software to match you with appropriate and available Home Care Package Providers.

We will email you a unique Options Report outlining appropriate and available service providers in your area.

The whole process takes about half an hour – with less stress and hassle and at ZERO COST TO YOU.

Get started by connecting with us HERE.


Aged Care Decisions’ service is 100% FREE for individuals and families.

Home care package providers pay us a set fee on placement, so we are 100% independent, unbiased, and committed to finding the best home care package providers for YOU.


Step 2: Inform and give notice to your current Home Care Package Provider.

Under the Charter of Aged Care Rights, it is your responsibility to inform your current provider of the date you intend to terminate your Home Care Agreement and stop receiving home care services.

To conclude a Home Care Agreement, most providers require 2-4 weeks’ notice, preferably in writing. Your specific notice period and exit conditions will be outlined in your contract or care plan with your current Provider.


Step 3: Notify My Aged Care and get a referral code for your new Home Care Package Provider.

Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to re-activate your referral code. You’ll need this referral code to give to your new Home Care Package Provider before you can start receiving their services.

After taking these three steps you’ll be ready to enter an agreement with a new Home Care Package Provider.

Aged Care Decisions can help you navigate this process. To connect with us and receive your FREE Home Care Package Provider Options Report, complete this quick enquiry form.


Frequently asked questions about changing Home Care Package Providers.


What happens to my Home Care Package funds when I switch providers?

When you switch to a new provider your unspent funds will switch with you.

Only when you are ending your Home Care Package, do the unspent home care package funds return to the government. Any unspent fees you have paid will be returned to you, or to your estate.


How much time do I have to switch Home Care Package Providers?

Once you’ve agreed an end date with your current provider, you have 56 calendar days from that date to enter a new Home Care Agreement, or your Home Care Package may be withdrawn.

If you need more time, you can request a 28-day extension by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

The start date with your new provider must be after the end date you’ve agreed with your old provider. These dates cannot overlap.


What should I do if my home care needs change?

Your home care needs are likely to evolve over time. As an alternative to switching Home Care Package Providers, you can work with your current provider to adjust the combination of services you’re receiving to better suit your needs.

If your home care needs have changed significantly, you may be eligible for a higher-level Home Care Package. If this is the case, you need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to arrange for a reassessment.

Read more: How to apply for a higher-level Home Care Package (


What should I be looking for in a Home Care Package provider?

A good Home Care Package Provider will deliver the unique combination of home help you need, in the area you live, at an affordable price, using qualified, and dedicated staff who are a compatible match for you or your loved one receiving care.


Read more about finding and choosing a Home Care Package Provider that suits you.

Access home care services in three easy steps

The support delivered by Home Care Package levels 1-4 (

What can my home care package funds be used for? (


At Aged Care Decisions we are passionate about assisting and empowering people to continue living independently with the care and support they need.

Connect with Aged Care Decisions to receive 100% FREE customised support to help you secure an in-home care service provider matched to your needs.


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