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Home care packages help you or your loved one stay at home longer by providing support where it’s needed. Each eligible senior will be allocated a home care package that offers the right level of support for their assessed care needs. However, a person’s needs often change over time, so it’s important to reassess whether an existing home care package is meeting your needs or those of your loved one as time goes by.

Even if you or a loved one have been previously denied a package, you can apply for a home care package again. This is because a person may become eligible if their care needs change. Reassessment can ensure you or your loved one can access the right level of care at all times.


Levels of home care packages

Home care packages are available in four levels, which are allocated depending on each person’s unique care needs. Those needing a little support usually find that a level 1 home care package improves their quality of life, where those with more complex care needs may require the support of a level 4 home care package.

The four home care package levels are:

  • Basic support (Level 1)
  • Low-level support (Level 2)
  • Intermediate support (Level 3)
  • High-level support (Level 4)

When you or a loved one first applies and is accepted for a home care package, an assessor will determine which package will provide the right level of support.

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When to review a home care plan?

As your or a loved one’s needs change, the allocated home care package may no longer provide the right level of support. That’s why reviewing individual care plans is vital to enabling seniors to stay at home for as long as possible.

If a person feels that the provided support is still meeting their needs, then the home care plan is still accurate and there is no reason to review. However, when that same person feels the support is no longer providing the right type or level of care, then it is likely their needs have changed enough to warrant a review of the home care plan.

If you or a loved one feel that the support you or they are receiving is inadequate, it’s time to review the home care plan. This can be done in conjunction with your Home Care Provider at the time.


What is the application process?

Once you or a loved one have noticed a gap between the level of care provided and any current needs, a review will help to ensure the right support is available. To get the process started, the applicant must first speak to their current provider. They will aim to understand any additional care needs and check whether additional support can be provided under the existing care plan.

If the home care plan no longer provides sufficient support for the current needs of the applicant, then the provider will discuss yours or your loved one’s changing needs with the original My Aged Care assessor. The assessor may either:

  1. Change the existing care plan to increase support in line with changing needs
  2. Determine that a reassessment needs to be completed.

Once yours or your loved one’s care plan has been adjusted or reassessed, the allocated home care package should meet all current needs. This may mean that you or your loved one is allocated a higher level home care package that offers support for more complex needs.

If you or a loved one has previously applied for a home care package but has been found ineligible, any changing needs may mean that you or your loved one can reapply. It is possible to reapply at any time.

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What if needs change while the applicant is waiting for a home care package?

Applicants who have been Approved a home care package usually go onto a waiting list until one becomes available. During this time, it is possible that the applicant’s care needs change enough to warrant a reassessment. In this case, you or your loved one can contact the original assessor to request a reassessment. It is important to prepare some information before this call to ensure the assessor can decide accurately whether a reassessment is warranted.

It’s important to be prepared for the following questions:

  • What has changed about the applicant’s care needs since the assessment was completed?
  • What types of additional support will the applicant require to meet their existing needs?
  • How often and when will the applicant require this support?

A reassessment will not affect your or your loved one’s place on the waiting list, so it is always a good idea to ask for a new assessment in the case of changing needs.


What is a high priority home care package?

A high priority home care package is allocated to a person who needs urgent care to enable them to stay at home rather than moving into an aged care home. A high priority package is available to anyone who has changing needs that are no longer provided for under their existing home care package.

Applicants will still be allocated a home care package from Level 1 to 4; however, they will be assessed as high priority, which shortens the waiting list time. It is important to note that the waiting time can still be significant.

A high priority status may be allocated in the following cases:

  • The existing home care package is not providing sufficient support
  • An applicant is using community care services to receive care in addition to that provided in their care package
  • An applicant is paying private care fees to obtain the extra care they need.


Changing home care providers

Seniors usually change home care providers for two main reasons:

  1. Moving to a new area
  2. The current provider isn’t providing suitable support

A provider should advocate for you or your loved one and aim to get the best support possible for you or your loved ones specific care needs. This includes helping to find the right care services that are covered within the agreed care plan and contacting My Aged Care on your behalf to ask for a review when care needs change.

The team at Aged Care Decisions can save you stress and hassle and help you with the four steps of changing providers. We guide you on how to:

  1. provide a referral code to the chosen provider
  2. agree on a start date with the chosen provider
  3. advise the current provider when they will be starting with the new provider
  4. agree on a cessation date with the current provider.

As the current provider will not receive a home care subsidy on the cessation day (the day they stop providing care), the new provider can start providing care on the cessation day. This prevents any gap in the home care subsidy.

Aged Care Decisions is a completely free service that makes it easy to navigate home care without becoming overwhelmed. Our goal is to ensure everyone can find an aged care or home care option that suits their needs.


Where to find further assistance when care needs change

If your care needs or those of your loved one have changed, Aged Care Decisions can help you determine what new supports you need. This knowledge can help to ensure your amended or higher level home care package meets your current needs. Call our Aged Care Decisions team to discuss your changing needs on 1300 775 870 or complete our online form.


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