Are you getting value for money from your home care provider?


Are you happy with how your Home Care Package funds are being used?

Frequently asked questions about home care packages

Your Home Care Package funds are YOUR money. Your Home Care Package Provider should be delivering the following to ensure you’re getting everything you need to live your best life at home:

Fast response to your queries and needs

How responsive is your Home Care Package Provider? Are they quick to get back to you, or are you continually chasing them up or waiting for them to call?

You should expect communication with your provider to be on par with the real-life conversation below. If it isn’t, then it may be time to explore your options.

Consistent availability

Does your provider have the staffing and resource capacity to consistently deliver the care you need? Do you feel valued as a customer or are you often being let down?

If your services are regularly cancelled or postponed – or if you’re receiving less-than-excellent service and care, you can likely find better.


Maximum hours of support

How many hours of support do you currently receive? Could your package budget stretch further to deliver more services? If you think it could, then comparing and/or changing providers could deliver more support for you at home.


A suitable range of services

As your care needs change, so should the services and supports you receive via your Home Care Package.

Can your current provider deliver everything you need? If not, you can switch your package to a different provider who can.

We’ve created this handy checklist outlining what you should consider when switching home care providers:

Changing Home Care Package Providers – FAQ & Checklist


Aged Care Decisions can assist you to explore your options

Our custom-built software together with our Placement Specialists can match your location, budget, care needs and personal preferences with Home Care Package Providers that suit your specific needs. We do the running around for you – and it costs you NOTHING.

Here’s how our service works:

Value for money

Do you feel that you could be paying top dollar for underwhelming levels of service?

Your monthly statement can help you understand whether your Package funds are being used in the best way possible and whether your provider is charging a large chunk of your package in fees.

This guide offers more information about understanding your monthly statement:

consumer-guidance-understanding-your-home-care-package-statement.pdf (


Are you paying the Basic Daily Care Fee on top of management fees?

Do you feel that your Home Care Package budget is being eaten up by excessive fees?

Your package budget is YOUR money, allocated to help YOU live happily and healthily at home.

You deserve to make the most of it.

Many providers waive the Basic Daily Care Fee; however, it depends on the Home Care Package provider you decide to connect with.

Aged Care Decisions can look to match you with a Home Care Package Provider whose fees meet your needs.


Find and compare alternate providers

A good Home Care Package Provider delivers quality service, offers value for money and is there for you when you need them.

Exploring your options, and switching to another provider is easy, and it costs you nothing.

Aged Care Decisions can help you find and compare Home Care Package Providers, with less stress, less running around and at ZERO cost to you.

Read more:

Change home care providers at no cost – Aged Care Decisions


Aged Care Decisions FREE home care matching service can help you find and compare home care providers.

Our team of Placement Specialists are ready to help you explore provider options in your area.

Contact us here to get started.

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