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The decision to move to Residential Aged Care is an extremely personal one that can be a  challenge for many families. At Aged Care Decisions, we understand the complexity of this choice, with almost every family we work with having a different way of looking at the transition to aged care. We talk with families who are early in the process of aged care, as well as those who are in crisis mode. Families in crisis mode often find that they are having to arrange urgent care due to a traumatic situation such as a fall or a stroke. This can be extremely stressful for elderly people and their loved ones, especially when the topic of aged care has not been previously been discussed.


Keep an eye out for a period of instability

Before entry to residential aged care, an elderly person will often go through what can be best described as a period of health instability. One indicator of this period of instability is if a loved one has had multiple hospital entries and discharges over the course of 6 to 12 months. This is a period of intense stress for families, especially when their loved one is still living by themselves in their own home. Although home care is often the first port of call for most families, there can often be delays in accessing funding for approved home care. This puts additional stress on families as some are forced to take on carer roles. When a loved one’s mobility is declining, not getting the right the level of care to rehabilitate and assist them can also increase the risk of further hospital admissions and falls.


When should you start talking aged care?

Ideally the aged care discussion should start well before this your loved one’s health starts deteriorating. By discussing and planning for aged care it can be easier to identify the right time to enter aged care. It also allows the elderly individual maximum choice in their care.


We are ready to move to aged care but we have hit a hurdle….

When the decision to move to residential aged care is made,
many families are shocked to find out that it is not as simple as calling the
local nursing home and arranging a move in date. Care needs, vacancies, fees and other factors come in to play, which greatly complicate the situation. The great news is that the team at Aged Care Decisions are experts in matching the care needs and preferences of families with the vacancies and features of aged care facilities, which leads to hassle-free placements and happy families.


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