3 easy steps to find aged care homes near me

The Australian aged care system is complex and can be difficult to navigate. Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way to finding an aged care home that perfectly suits you or your loved one.

Find an aged care home in three easy steps

Step 1: Complete an Aged Care Assessment

Government organisation My Aged Care is the entry point for older Australians wanting to access subsidised aged care services, including residential aged care facilities.

My Aged Care’s Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) coordinates ACAT assessments, which determine the level of government-funded support an individual can receive.

Who can apply?

Australians aged 65 years and older, or 50 years and older for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, can apply for government-subsidised aged care services.

My Aged Care have an eligibility checker on their website, which lets you quickly check whether you meet the requirements for an ACAT assessment before you apply.

How do I organise an ACAT assessment?

You can organise an assessment online here: Apply for an aged care assessment | My Aged Care or by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. A doctor or other health professional can also refer you to My Aged Care for an assessment.

Read more about ACAT Assessments and My Aged Care:

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All about My Aged Care – Aged Care Decisions


Step 2: Find aged care home vacancies that suit your needs

Residential aged care vacancy rates are at an all-time low, especially in major metropolitan areas including Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Aged Care Decisions’ 100% FREE and independent service can help you find current residential aged care vacancies that suit your unique needs.

We use custom-built software, together with the knowledge of our Placements Specialists, to take your location, budget, specific care needs and personal preferences, and create a tailored aged care Options Report for you. This report narrows your search down to include only current vacancies and available providers that match your needs.

After one conversation with your Placement Specialist, you’ll have your Options Report emailed to you within 20-30 minutes and you’ll be evaluating nursing home vacancies that match your specific needs.

No cost, no stress, no hassle – we do all the running around for you.

Read more about how Aged Care Decisions can help Australian families – How Aged Care Decisions Helped Me: Maureen – Aged Care Decisions

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Here’s how Aged Care Decisions’ FREE aged care matching service works:

Step 3: Compare aged care homes near you.

It’s easy to compare nursing home options when you have all the information you need in one place.

Your unique Aged Care Options Report will contain an overview of around seven residential aged care vacancies that match with your location, preferences, care needs and budget.

Using your report you can compare room prices, room features, shared and private facilities, lifestyle and leisure opportunities, nearby amenities, healthcare support, and nursing services for each facility.

Your dedicated Aged Care Decisions Placement Specialist can organise facility tours for you, support you to choose and secure your aged care home placement, help you to navigate funding arrangements, and assist you through the admissions process once you’ve locked in your new home.

Our service is 100% free for families. Providers pay us a set fee on placement, so we are 100% independent and completely unbiased.

As Australia’s leading aged care placement service, we are passionate about helping families through the aged care journey.

Frequently asked questions about finding aged care near me.


What do aged care homes provide?

Many people feel nervous about moving into aged care but there is no need for concern.

The majority of modern residential aged facilities offer a way to live in comfort and safety, surrounded by friends and smiling faces. Residents at these facilities enjoy access to the best health care as well as broader support for their mental and physical wellbeing.

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What do aged care facilities and nursing homes cost?

Understanding aged care fees and charges can be one of the most complicated aspects of navigating the aged care process. To help answer some of these financial questions we have put together 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Aged Care Fees.

Read more:

Aged Care Fees | What you need to know | Aged Care Decisions


What if I can’t afford to move into residential aged care?

In Australia, everyone can access aged care services, regardless of their financial situation.

For those who do not have the means to pay for residential aged care there are options available.

Read more:

What happens if you can’t afford aged care? (agedcaredecisions.com.au)

What aged care and nursing home options are near me?

Aged care providers are continually developing new formats, facilities, services, and innovative approaches to aged care, to accommodate Australia’s older population. Whether you’re looking for luxury aged care facilities in Melbourne, dementia-specific aged care in Sydney, a nursing home in Perth or government funded aged care in Brisbane, there’ll be something out there that’s perfect for you.

Aged Care Decisions can match you with suitable aged care options near you.

The number of Australians aged over sixty-five is projected to hit 8.8 million by 2057, which means the choices offered for residential aged care will continue to become more varied and complex.

Aged Care Decisions makes it easy to ‘find aged care near me.’ We are committed to helping Australians navigate their aged care journey – we currently provide FREE assistance to over 15,000 families each month.

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