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Oct 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

Aged Care Decisions aims to help seniors and their families navigate their aged care journey and find a suitable aged care placement. Earlier this year, Maureen reached out to us as she was looking for an aged care facility for her husband, Greg.



Maureen’s aged care journey

Maureen had been caring for her husband at home but, when he started having frequent falls and other problems, she sought medical help. Greg was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease and Dementia. Maureen then organised in-home aged care services to help, but it didn’t provide the support that Greg needed for long.

Greg’s heavier build and worsening health conditions meant he began to need ambulance assistance every few days to help him up after a fall. That’s when Maureen knew it was time to organise higher care at an aged care nursing home. When she struggled to find the right aged care placement for Greg’s specific care needs, she reached out to Aged Care Decisions for help.

Aged Care Decisions assisted Maureen in finding a nursing home for her husband Greg in a convenient location and he is doing well there.

We asked Maureen some questions to find out more about her and Greg’s aged care journey and how Aged Care Decisions supported them through the process.



Did you know much about aged care when you began looking at options?

I previously helped a lady down where I used to live, to find an aged care home and to sell her house, so I had an idea of what was involved before I started the process for my husband.



What type of assistance were you looking for with aged care?

High care (laughs). I had help in the home but it wasn’t helping. Every couple of days we were ringing an ambulance, paramedics or fire brigade to get him up. I even put him in respite care for a couple of weeks before we found the placement at his current nursing home.



How did Aged Care Decisions help you through that process?

Before Aged Care Decisions, I first looked for places that offered respite. After I didn’t have much luck, Tara (from Aged Care Decisions) stepped in to help. She was wonderful, that woman. She started helping me find permanent care, helping me book appointments for different nursing homes and ringing them to find out if they had a vacancy.

I wanted to send Tara flowers. She said not to worry about it though, so I said, ‘Ok’.


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How did you feel about aged care at the time?

Well, I’m a nurse. I did my training 55 years ago, but I understood it all. I knew it would be helpful for him.



What about your husband? Was he able to express to you his feelings about it?

Well, he has bad days and good days. And then, the other day, he said to me, ‘I’m pleased you put me in here’.



Did you have any questions or need any extra help from Aged Care Decisions?

As I said to Tara, it was great. To tell you the truth, Greg got sent out of the original respite care place because he was so demanding at first. I’ve absolutely spoiled him over the past couple of years when things have gone wrong. So, I rang Tara crying. She looked up a place that’s closer to me. I also went to other places near me but, because my husband is a very big man of 160 kg, a few nursing homes couldn’t take him.



So that narrowed the search a bit. Was it good to have Aged Care Decisions to recommend more places then?

Yes, it was. Originally, his nursing home didn’t have a place because they were in lockdown from the flu. But, with Tara’s help, we tried again a few weeks later and they had a place for him.


How long has Greg been there? Has it been going well?

Ah, it must be a couple of months now. He seems to be doing well. Greg’s a very simple man. He doesn’t want fuss or anything, except when he wants a nurse. I’d recommend his nursing home to anyone.



What did you feel were the benefits of using a placement service, like Aged Care Decisions?

You or me or anybody, we just don’t have the time to look around at every place. Aged Care Decisions also knew places that wouldn’t take him because he’s so big. It all worked out well.



Would you recommend Aged Care Decisions for other people looking to enter aged care?

Yes. I couldn’t fault them because if Tara wasn’t there, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. Every time I felt a bit funny, she helped me get through it. It was good to have someone on the other end of the phone to talk to.



What tips would you give other families going through the aged care journey?

Be patient. There’s so much paperwork. If you don’t sit down and be patient, you can go off the edge too. I was glad Tara was there with me. She helped to make it easier.



The Aged Care Decisions Support Service

At Aged Care Decisions, we understand that everyone’s aged care journey is different. Each person has unique care needs and different support networks, as well as varying knowledge of the process. We were pleased to be able to help Maureen find Greg the right aged care placement and to hear that he is doing well. If you need support during your own aged care journey, call us on 1300 775 870 or fill out our easy online form. Our service is free and tailored to you.



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