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Aged Care Industry

What is the first step?

The first step in the aged care process is typically receiving an Aged Care Assessment.

This will enable the person entering residential aged care to obtain Australian Government funding for the majority of their aged care.

Read more in the Getting Started page.

How much does aged care cost?

The Australian Government regulates what fees can be charged for aged care.

There are four types of fees that may be applicable. Whether they apply, and how much they are, will depend on the financial circumstances of the person entering care.

You can get a breakdown of the fees applicable for aged care on the Aged Care Fees page.

Can someone enter Aged Care temporarily?

Short answer, yes.

There are typically two types of admissions into residential aged care.

The first is a permanent aged care admission. That means the person entering care will do so on a permanent basis – meaning they will reside at the aged care facility until they decide to transfer to another aged care facility, or otherwise depart.

The second type of admission is for a respite stay. This is a short term stay in an aged care facility – and typically lasts a few weeks. This type of admission is heavily subsidised by the Australian Government, and allows carers and other families to obtain a respite break.

Respite stays are organised in a slightly different manner. If you are seeking a short term respite stay Aged Care Decisions can prepare a customised list of suitable aged care options in your area.

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How can we find aged care room vacancies?

Unfortunately for families, finding an aged care vacancy is not as easy as booking a hotel room.

Aged care facilities must closely look at the care needs of the person entering aged care, to ensure any vacant rooms are suitable. Different facilities offer different types of care. And even within a facility, different ‘wings’ or parts of the facility cater to different needs.

To take all of the legwork out of the process, Aged Care Decisions can prepare a customised list of matching aged care options.

This is a 100% free service, and allows you to shortlist and tour a range of options that have already been vetted as matching your desired care needs, preferences and budget.

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What forms do we have to fill out for Aged Care entry?

  • Centrelink Forms – Read the Centrelink page to work out which forms must be filled in for your particular scenario. The Centrelink forms can be downloaded online.
  • Aged Care Facility Application Forms – something that can be largely eliminted by using the free Aged Care Decisions placement service. 

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What is Power of Attorney & Guardianship?

Both ‘Power of Attorney’ and ‘Guardianship’ are legal terms relating to the authority that one person has to make decisions on behalf of another person. Both are relevant to aged care placement.

Power of Attorney

A person can appoint another person as their Power of Attorney, or ‘POA’ for short.

The decision to appoint another person as a POA is done through a formal written document. That document differs state by state, as do the laws relating to how a POA is created.

A POA can make both personal decisions (e.g. relating to medical care) and financial decisions (i.e. sign contracts) in place of another person.

There are typically two types of Power of Attorney that can be created:

  • General Power of Attorney – this appointment is typically done for a set period, or for a set reason
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – this appointment tyipically has no end date, and is done when a persons health or mental capacity may be decline.

Importantly, the person who has appointed a POA still retains their legal right to make decisions on their behalf.


Guardianship is a formal legal process that is commenced in a court or tribunal, the end point of which is to have a person appointed as the legal guardian of another person.

The exact process and requirements of guardianship differ state by state.

In an aged care context, a guardianship process may be used to appoint one or several people as legal guardians of an older person who has impaired capacity to make decisions in their own best interest. 

In plain english, guardianship allows one or several people to override the legal decision making capacity of another person.



Who is Aged Care Decisions?

Aged Care Decisions is a 100% independently owned and operated organisation.

Started in 2013 by two regular aged care consumers who wanted a better way for families to make more informed decisions, our organisation is not owned or controlled by any particular aged care provider.

Read more about Aged Care Decisions

To ensure continued transparency and integrity, Aged Care Decisions has a Voluntary Code of Conduct that enshrines our committment to transparency, impartiality and accountability.

Read the Voluntary Code of Conduct

How can we guarantee your support?

Aged Care Decisions is a 100% free aged care placement service for families. We guarantee all residents and families the support they need in their aged care placement journey. View our Client Support Guarantee.

Is this service really 100% free of charge?

Yes. 100% free of charge. No catches. No hidden fees.

What services does Aged Care Decisions provide?

We provide end-to-end support to families, providers and health professionals.

Support through finding aged care vacancies which match care needs, preferences and budget.

Support by providing highly qualified placement referrals.

Health Professionals
Support in providing Emergency Placement services for families needing to place a loved one who is discharging from hospital.

How do you get paid?

First off - Aged Care Decisions is 100% free of charge to families. No if's, no but's, and no hidden charges.

We charge aged care providers a set industry standard Placement Services fee for undertaking customer service & admissions services on their behalf.

Importantly, under Australian law this fee cannot be passed onto you - under any circumstance.

Every aged care facility in Australia pays the exact same amount - regardless of who they are, or who the aged care resident is.

Our unique model means that Aged Care Decisions has no financial motivation to recommend  one facility over another. That fee is exactly the same regardless of your financial status, RAD or care level.

Importantly - you are always in control. You can choose to fully use our service and then select a facility not introduced by our team.

Even if you ultimately select an aged care facility not introduced by Aged Care Decisions, our service will still remain 100% free of charge.

Our only desire is that you and your family select an aged care facility that meets your needs. Only you can decide whether a particular facility is right for you or a loved one.

Our role is to reduce the time and stress involved, by matching you to facilities that have vacancies and meet your care needs, budget, location and other preferences.

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What can this service do for our family?

Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest aged care placement service.

We help families by:

  • Providing detailed information & advice about how aged care works (including how fees work)
  • Preparing a customised report – which matches the care needs, preferences & budget of the person entering care with room vacancies in their area.
  • Assigning a dedicated Placement Specialist – who will assist you and your family in every step of the placement journey
  • Booking tours on your behalf
  • Interacting with Aged Care facility admissions staff on your behalf

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Why should families use Aged Care Decisions?

Aged Care Decisions is a fast, free and independent service that works with families to assist in finding Aged Care vacancies for a loved one. Our trained and professional Placement Specialists will prepare a customised list of vacancies that match the needs and preferences of the person entering aged care within your local area. We also assist families to coordinate tours and work through the paperwork and logistics associated with placing in aged care.

This allows families to make an independent and hassle-free decision with no stress and for FREE!

What do other families say about your service?

Have a read what other families have said about our service through Google Reviews:

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How much does your service cost for families?

We act on behalf of the family to find the best vacancy match suited to their care needs and preferences. Our service is a 100% free for families to use because the providers pay us an industry standard Placement Services fee upon the resident placing into the facility.

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How many facilities/ Providers does Aged Care Decisions work with?

Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest residential aged care placement service. We work with over 1000 Aged Care facilities across Australia.

Every aged care provider registered in our system must be currently accredited and licensed by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission.

If an aged care facility loses its accreditation for any reason, we will cease referring families to that facility until it regains its registered status.

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How do you create a customised report?

By utilising our national database of Partner facilities, Aged Care Decisions assists families to identify suitable vacancy options based on the care needs, preferences and budget of the person entering Aged Care. This information is matched with current Aged Care vacancies within the area of interest.

Aged Care Decisions does not recommend one facility over another.

The decision is in your hands, you choose which facility is best for you, your family and the person entering Aged Care.

How can we find aged care vacancies?

Aged Care facilities accommodate for different types of care needs. Aged Care Decisions assists you by compiling a customised list of vacancies that match the care needs, preferences and budget of the person entering Aged Care. We also assist with coordinating tours and any other queries or questions the family may have.


What's the price?

Industry Standard Placement Services Fee of $2350.00 ex GST. The fee is equivalent to approx 8 days of average bed day revenue. (2019 Dept of Health ACFA Report)There is no joining fee, no registration fee, and no ongoing fees. The only fee payable is upon a placement occuring. No admission, no fee.

When does a provider pay?

The Placement Services Fee is payable only upon a resident moving in and commencing permanent care.If the resident moves in for respite services, an interim Respite Services Fee is payable, but this amount is deducted from the full Placement Services Fee if they become a permanent resident.

What's the cancellation policy?

An operator can cancel at anytime.

Can we pay more to receive more introductions?

No. Transparency requires that the prices nominated above are industry wide. We do not recommend one facility over another. Rather, our role is to provide information and to make introductions where it is suitable and requested.

Did you disclose this fee to your clients?

Yes, in all instances. Our T&Cs mean that we are contractually obligated to fully disclosing our commercial model, and our fee structure, to families both verbally and in writing at all stages of our interaction with a family.

What information to we receive in referrals?

All Placement Introductions include full family contact details, their financial capacity (RAD paying / concessional), a complete clinical assessment, Referral Codes (where applicable), and an ACFI estimate.

What is a resident passes away or moves out after moving in?

A Short Stay Rebate of 60% of the Placement Services Fee is offered in the event that a resident referred by Aged Care Decisions either passes away or moves out within 21 days of moving in. The Short Stay Rebate is provided as either a rebate or credit and only applies to Permanent Placements.

What if we're already talking to a family?

We screen families by asking if they have already contacted any facilities or operators. As Placement Introductions are only intended to apply to new potential residents, the fee does not apply to your organisation’s pre-existing sales contacts.

How do we get started?

Simply fill out a one page Placement Services Registration Form, and we can have your organisation up and running on the same day. Register below.

Health Professionals

Our hospital already has Social Workers who do this job. Why do we need Aged Care Decisions?
Discharging patients into aged care is a time-consuming and labour intensive job, requiring repetitive administrative work to find vacancies, book tours and manage family expectations, all of which is a drain on valuable hospital resources. ACD has relationships with over 70% of aged care providers in metro areas across Australia and live vacancy data. Our technology allows us to move quickly, and our trained and dedicated Placement Specialists focus on matching patients care needs, preferences and budget to book tours, secure available vacancies and streamline discharge, freeing up your team to focus on other priorities.
My patient already has an Aged Care Provider in mind. If I refer them to you, what happens if their preferred facility is not registered with you? Can you still help them?

Our Client Support Guarantee states that Aged Care Decisions provides the same superior level of service and support to ALL potential residents and families that come into contact with our service.  Importantly, whether a family already has a preferred facility or not, even if this facility is not registered with Aged Care Decisions, the level of support and service we provide remains the same.   Due to privacy laws, the only element of our service that cannot be provided where a preferred facility is not registered with Aged Care Decisions is support with providing any personal or clinical information to that facility and assistance with booking tours.

Is there any cost to the hospital associated with using The Aged Care Placement Portal?

Our service is 100% free to both hospitals and patients, and we require no commitment, contract or exclusivity to use our service. We believe the value of what we do speaks for itself.

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