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Property and the Aged Care Transition



When many people first contact Aged Care Decisions, the most common feeling that they have is overwhelm, especially when it comes to property. Often, they have just received a diagnosis that means their loved one has to completely change their way of life and their daily routine. In these initial stages the most important thing for almost all families is making sure that the care needs of their loved one are met in a quality aged care facility. This sounds straight forward, right? Well, not always.

Often an individual may have already decided which aged care facility they wanted to move to when the time comes. Their family, trying to fulfill the wishes of their loved one approach the facility expecting to be able to place in that facility easily. However, when the family contacts this facility they are told that they need to provide a significant deposit (a RAD – the average in Australia is $440,000) to secure their loved one a position in the facility. It is at this point that the team at Aged Care Decisions are often contacted by the family who are in a panic about raising such significant capital simply to provide appropriate care for their loved one.


Aged Care Fee Structures

Understandably, a fear of not being able to afford aged care can cause significant stress to families. Aged care in Australia has a complicated fee structure, although designed to provide equitable access to aged care for all, it means that fees depend on individual circumstances. A portion of the fee is also set by the aged care facility in certain situations. Depending on those circumstances, families often have to sell the family home, using the principle as a deposit for the aged care facility of their choice (find out more about fees and RAD’s in this article). This is a time of intense emotions and families are often confused about their responsibilities and next steps in the process – that is where the Aged Care Decisions Property Solutions team can assist. By understanding the background of aged care funding and the individual situation of the family and their loved one, we are able to make sure that there is a match between the facility and the need of the new resident.

Untangling the web of fees, deposits and agents whilst supporting families leads to less stress and greater decision-making autonomy in aged care, and that is what Aged Care Decisions is all about – putting choice back in the hands of the families.


Our Property Solutions Team is here to help

The Aged Care Decisions Property Solutions team is led by Ayleisha Plant, a licensed Real Estate Agent. Ayleisha is passionate about supporting families and connecting them with ethical and accredited real estate agents who understand the aged care process and can continue assisting the family through the sale of the property. Read more about our commitment to helping families through this aspect of the aged care journey here.

To find out more about how our Property Solutions division can assist in your situation or to ask any questions you may have about RAD’s, valuations and property, please get in touch, we are here to help.

Property help and advice when you need it

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Ayleisha Plant

Manager - Aged Care Decisions Property Solutions

Hi, My name is Ayleisha and I'm here to answer any questions about property and how it relates to aged care. I thought you might be interested in some of the following articles about aged care fees and property related topics.

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