What is My Aged Care?

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When it comes time to receive aged care support, whether at home or in a residential facility, the options can feel overwhelming. My Aged Care offers seniors and their families a place to get started. Essentially, it helps you or a loved one check your eligibility and find government-funded aged care services that meet your aged care needs.

Aged Care Decisions can help you navigate the My Aged Care site and find information about government aged-care subsidies, eligibility and any associated costs. Aged Care Decisions also provides support to ensure each person finds the right aged care services providers for their specific care needs.


Why do I need to contact My Aged Care?

If you or a loved one needs to access government-subsidised aged care services, you or they must register with My Aged Care. Each registered person’s care needs are assessed and their eligibility tested to ensure the right aged care support is provided.


What help can I get?

Aged care at home can help you or a loved one maintain independence for longer. Each person’s needs and personal situation are different, so the Australian Government provides a range of subsidised care options to suit:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
  • Home Care Package (HCP) – Levels 1–4
  • Respite care
  • Transition Care Program
  • Government-funded residential aged care facility

These aged care options provide support in a number of areas, including:

  • Personal care
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Meals
  • Nursing
  • Gardening
  • Household tasks
  • Social activities
  • Home modifications
  • Mobility equipment

The CHSP and HCP Levels 1–2 provide basic and low-level care for more simple care needs, while HCP Levels 3–4 and residential aged care offer high-level support for more complex needs.

Respite care offers a short-term break for regular carers and a change of routine for the person receiving care, while also being available in emergencies. The Transition Care Program provides support for eligible seniors who are transitioning out of hospital or into an aged care home.

My Aged Care provides access to all of these services once you or a loved one has been assessed.

If you or a loved one would like to discuss available services and how they might meet your needs, the Aged Care Decisions team can help. Call us on 1300 775 870 or reach out through our online form.


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Aged care assessment and referral code

After you or your loved one have registered with My Aged Care, a customer service operator will ask some preliminary questions over the phone. Your answers, or those of your loved one, are the first step to  help the team member determine whether low-level or high-level care is needed.

It’s vital to be well prepared for this initial phone call and for the assessment to ensure you or your loved one receive the correct level of care for your specific needs. It’s easy to forget when you’re on the spot, so it’s a good idea to write down the challenges that you or your loved one face day-to-day and the type of support that could help,

For low-level care, an aged care assessor will conduct a Regional Assessment Service (RAS) home support assessment at the applicant’s home. Low-level care granted through RAS is provided through the CHSP.

If you or a loved one needs high-level care, an ACAT/S assessor will conduct a more comprehensive assessment. This determines what type of aged care service you or your loved one require, including a HCP, short-term care or residential aged care. For HCPs, the assessor will also determine which level of HCP is required.

Home Care Packages are limited, so recipients usually need to wait until one becomes available. In the meantime, you or a loved one may be able to access CHSP funding.

Referral code

Once assessed, applicants are given a referral code. Aged care service providers use this code to access your aged care plan. The referral code gives access to aged care services, so it’s important to ask for one if one hasn’t been provided.

You or your loved one can request a reassessment if your needs change after the initial assessment.


Changes in 2022

The Australian Government focused heavily on the aged care sector in 2021, with $17.7 billion committed to improve the sector. This is continuing this year with further investment of $632.6 million. A broad range of changes will be implemented, including:

  • Expanding the Community Visitors Scheme
    This will add an extra 4,348 CVS volunteers to ensure more seniors have access to companionship
  • Developing the new Support at Home Program, which is set to replace the CHSP and HCP scheme
  • Improving the assessment process to better meet the unique needs of each individual
  • Improving home care for seniors with a disability
  • Extending the aged care registered nursing payment to attract highly qualified nurses to aged care

The overall purpose of this additional funding is to improve the quality and safety of aged care for seniors in Australia.


How do I get in touch with My Aged Care?

You or a loved one can contact My Aged Care online or over the phone. The My Aged Care staff are trained to provide support during the aged care journey. If you or a loved one speaks another language or has a hearing or vision impairment, the staff at My Aged Care are able to provide additional support. Depending on your specific care needs, you can choose from the following phone numbers:

General 1800 200 422
Calling from overseas +61 2 6289 1555
Translating and Interpreting Service 131 450 or 1800 200 422
Hearing or speech impairment National Relay Service or 1800 555 677 and ask for 1800 200 422


How to get help with My Aged Care

The Aged Care Decisions team are available to assist you or a loved one during your aged care journey. If you have any questions about My Aged Care or any other aspect of aged care, call one of our trained team members on 1300 775 870 or complete our online form. Aged Care Decisions offers a free aged care support service for all seniors and their families.


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