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Aged Care Assessments

 An Aged Care Assessment is the most important first step in the aged care entry process. During a face to face interview with a member of the government’s Aged Care Assessment Team, a comprehensive evaluation of the physical, medical, psychological, cultural, social and restorative care needs of a potential aged care resident takes place.

The outcome of this assessment will determine if the potential aged care resident is eligible for government subsidised aged care services and what level of service is most suitable. The outcome is communicated in writing through a letter addressed to the person who took the assessment.

Why is it required?

An Aged Care Assessment is needed to have the government pay for some or all of a potential resident’s aged care costs.

What information will we need?

The Aged Care Assessment doesn’t require the potential resident to fill in any forms, but the following information will be required:

  • Details on how day-to-day activities are managed, and how much help is needed to fulfil them;
  • Details on state of health. Medical evidence will be required, such as doctors reports, hospital discharge reports, current and past pharmaceutical prescriptions, details on diagnosed illnesses;
  • Details on how much assistance is currently required to live at home – e.g. getting in and out of bed, using bathroom and toileting facilities, details on how meals are currently prepared;
  • Details on whether respite or other formal home care services have been used, or are currently being used;
  • A trusted person can assist the potential resident during the assessment (whether it is a family member, nominated representative, or a carer). The assessment occurs as a two way conversation therefore, the person being assessed can ask any relevant questions.

How can we organise an assessment?

Aged Care Decisions is not currently able to organise an Aged Care Assessment on your behalf.

You will need to contact My Aged Care to organise an Aged Care Assessment.

Web: An assessment can be requested online by going to My AgedCare: http://myagedcare.gov.au/referral

Phone: Call MyAgedCare on 1800 200 422

An assessment can also be requested by a GP, a doctor, a hospital nurse or administrator, a community nurse or other health care practitioners.


How long does the process take?

An assessment will occur within 30 days of a request being submitted online or by telephone. If the potential resident is in hospital an assessment will occur within 1-5 days.

The assessment itself takes approximately three hours, and can occur in a potential resident’s own home, or in a hospital.

An assessment outcome letter will typically be sent within a week of an assessment occurring.


What will the Aged Care Assessment let us do?

The Aged Care Assessment is a vital step that must be completed before entering aged care. It is the key element that determines whether someone is eligible to receive government’s subsidised aged care services or not.

Referral Codes

Aged Care Assessment outcome letters issued after 2016 will contain a series of 12 digit referral codes (e.g. 1-12345678901).

You may see Referral Codes for ‘Residential-Permanent’, ‘Residential Respite – Low Care’ or ‘Residential Respite – High Care’.

A referral code approves a person for certain types of government subsidised services. These codes will be required for Aged Care Decisions to gather appropriate aged care vacancy options.

An aged care provider will then use these codes to view a potential resident’s care plan and aged care assessment.

If a potential resident has not been approved for aged care services via the assessment outcome letter, a reassessment can be organised if a change occurs in medical circumstances or coping abilities.

What is a Referral Code? And why is it important?

The Australian Government provides the bulk of funding for the aged care system.

In order to have the Australian Government pay towards the cost of a persons care, they will need to have obtained an Aged Care Assessment, and received ‘Approval’ for residential aged care.

The ‘Approval’ will be for particular types of care – e.g. ‘Residential-Permanent’, ‘Residential Respite – Low Care’ or ‘Residential Respite – High Care’. These Approvals will be listed in the Aged Care Assessment outcome letter.

Aged Care Assessment outcome letters issued after 2016 will also contain a series of 12 digit referral codes (e.g. 1-12345678901). There will be a Referral Code for each type of approved care.


It is the Referral Codes that signal that a person has been approved for certain types of government subsidised services.

Aged Care Decisions, and the aged care providers we work with, will require these Referral Codes prior to considering a person for admission into aged care.

An aged care provider can also use these codes to view a potential resident’s care plan and aged care assessment.

If a potential resident has not been approved for aged care services via the assessment outcome letter, a reassessment can be organised if a change occurs in medical circumstances or coping abilities.

Centrelink Forms

Placement into aged care may involve completion of a Centrelink Assets & Income Assessment Form. This Form is the second vital step in the aged care entry process for most families.

Detailed financial information is provided to Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

The outcome of this assessment should be completed prior to someone entering permanent residential aged care. If not done prior to entry, the potential resident may be charged the maximum level of fees.

An Assets & Income Assessment is not required for respite or transition care.

Which form do we have to fill out?

Which Form needs to be filled out depends on the circumstances of the person seeking care:

Currently Receiving A Pension

This section applies if the potential aged care resident is currently receiving some form of Australian Government Pension (e.g. Aged Pension, Service or Disability Support Pension).

  • DON’T OWN A HOME: If the person going into aged care does not own a home, then no Centrelink form will be required.

Not Receiving A Pension

If the person entering aged care does not currently receive a Pension, then they must complete Centrelink Form SA457 in order to have their income & assets assessed by Centrelink.

Form SA457 can be downloaded by clicking here: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/forms/sa457

If the person entering aged care does not wish to fill out Centrelink Form SA457 then they will be liable for the maximum applicable Means Tested Care Fee (currently $28,087.41 per annum), and will be liable to pay an Accommodation Payment (if applicable).

Home Care, Not Residential Aged Care

If the person wishes only to access an Australian Government Home Care Package, and does not presently wish to enter residential aged care, then they will be required to fill out Centrelink Form SA456. This form is only required if the person doesn’t currently get a means tested income support payment from the Australian Government

Form SA456 can be downloaded by clicking here: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/forms/sa456

Respite Care

If the person entering aged care is only seeking a respite (short term) stay then no Centrelink form needs to be filled out.

If the person intends to convert their stay into a permanent aged care admission, then the relevant Centrelink Form (see above) will need to be completed and returned.

Why is it required?

Assets and income of a potential aged care resident are assessed to determine the level of fees and charges that will be charged.

If this financial information is not provided to Centrelink, an aged care resident may be required to pay the maximum level of fees and charges.

For more information on how assets and income affects aged care fees, see the Aged Care Fees page.

How do we get this done?

Aged Care Decisions cannot organise an Assets and Income Assessment on your behalf. You will need to contact Centrelink to organise an Assets and Income Assessment.

The completed Form will need to be filled in, signed and returned to Centrelink or to the DVA together with all the required supporting documents.

If the form is returned prior to entering a residential care service, the initial fee notification advice will be valid for 120 days unless there is a significant change in circumstances.

How long does the process take?

Relevant documents should be compiled in the months prior to aged care being required.

Filling out the form may take a few hours.

The form must be submitted to a Centrelink office or the DVA, along with copies of required documentation.

The results of the assets & income assessment will typically be sent to the potential resident within 4-6 weeks after submitting the form to Centrelink.

Aged Care Fees


Four types of fees potentially apply for permanent residential aged care:

  1. Basic daily fee
  2. Means tested care fee
  3. Accommodation payment
  4. Extra Services Fees (Additional Services Fee)

Short term (respite) care is treated differently from an aged care fees point of view.

Basic daily fee

Every potential aged care resident must pay the basic daily fee.

This fee is used for covering the day-to-day livings costs of residents such as meals, heating, cleaning. It is calculated as 85% of the Aged Pension.

The maximum daily fee which can be requested by a provider is $52.25 per day.

Means-tested care fee

The amount, if any, of a means tested care fee will depend on the outcome of an Centrelink Assets & Income Assessment .

Generally, if assets are above $27,840 a means tested care fee will apply.

If the means tested care fee is applicable, it is capped at an annual amount of $28,087.41. A lifetime cap of $67,409.85 also applies.

The former primary residence may count as an asset, if a family member or carer is not, or has not, been living at the house. If the former house is included, its value is capped at $171,535.20.

Accommodation payment

If assessed assets is between $50,500-$171,535.20 a partial accommodation payment (called an accommodation contribution) will be required.

An incoming resident with assets above $171,535.20 will be required to make a full accommodation payment.

An Accommodation payment can be paid in a number of ways:

Lump Sum (Bond)

Also known as ‘Refundable Accommodation Deposit’ (RAD) or ‘Refundable Accommodation Contribution’ (RAC).

The amount charged will vary from facility to facility, and from room type to room type. Typically RAD’s range from $300,000 – $750,000. The average RAD in Australia is approximately $450,000.

Aged care providers must publish their maximum RAD, but a lower RAD can be negotiated one-on-one.

Until the lump sum is paid (max 6 mths) a daily fee will be charged (see below).

The RAD is fully refunded back to the resident upon leaving the aged care facility.

Daily Fee

Also known as a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or Daily Accommodation Charge (DAC).

The daily fee is calculated by reference to the RAD – applying an interest rate (currently 4.10%) to the lump sum amount, then dividing by 365 to make a daily fee.

Much like rental payments, the DAP is not refundable upon exit.

Part Lump Sum + Part Daily Fee

This scenario involves paying the accommodation payment partially with a lump sum, and partially as a daily fee.

It is particularly useful when considering an aged care room that has a slightly higher RAD. A lower RAD can be paid upfront (e.g. 50% of the room price), with the balance paid as a daily fee.

The daily fee component (DAP/DAC) can be deducted from the lump sum component (RAD/RAC).

The average RAD across Australia is approximately $450,000, and can be as much as $1 million in inner city areas.

A resident has 30 days from placing into aged care to decide how they will pay the accommodation payment – using one of the methods above.

If lump sum (RAD) method is chosen, a resident has 6 months to physically pay the lump sum to the provider, until which time they will be charged a DAP.


An elderly person can access up to 63 days of subsidised short stay (respite) in an aged care facility per financial year if they have been assessed for respite care, and have a Respite Care Referral Code.

During this period the maximum that can be charged to a resident is the Basic Daily Fee ($52.25) and any Extra/Additional Service Fees that apply to that room.

Bonds & RADs - What to pay and when

If a potential aged care resident is liable to pay an Accommodation Payment they have the choice to make this payment as either:

  • A lump sum – known as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit, or RAD; or
  • A daily fee – known as the Daily Accommodation Payment, or DAP; or
  • Part RAD and Part DAP

If the resident chooses to pay the Accommodation Payment as either a full RAD or partial RAD, under the Aged Care Act they have six (6) months to make payment of this amount.

Until the RAD is paid to the provider, the Accommodation Payment will be charged as a DAP, and most typically invoiced monthly.

Respite / short term stay in aged care

What is Respite?

Respite involves a short stay in an residential aged care facility. Residential respite care can be planned or scheduled on an emergency basis.

Respite can be used to provide a break to a carer. It is also often used as a “try before you buy” option for families considering aged care.

Respite is heavily subsidised by the Australian Government, meaning a potential aged care resident will pay minimal fees to access respite in a nursing home.

Accessing subsidised Respite

The first step to accessing government subsidised respite care in a nursing home is to ensure the potential resident has an Aged Care Assessment that provides approval for respite.

A potential resident can access subsidised respite if they have an approval for Residential Respite Low Care, or Residential Respite High Care.

If a potential resident has an Aged Care Assessment approving respite they can access up to 63 days per financial year of subsidised respite care.

Fees & costs for Respite

The fees for respite care operate differently to those applicable for permanent residential aged care.

If a potential aged care resident has an Aged Care Assessment approving respite care then the only compulsory fee the resident will have to pay for respite is the Basic Daily Fee, which is currently $52.25 per day.

A facility may choose to charge an Extra or Additional Services Fee, which will be expressed as a daily amount.

This covers additional services such as satellite TV, hairdressing, special therapies, etc. A potential aged care resident must agree, in advance, to pay such fees prior to moving in.

A respite resident does not have to pay any Means Tested Care Fee, nor are they liable for an Accommodation Payment (lump sum Refundable Accommodation Deposit, or Daily Accommodation Payment).

An aged care facility may charge a booking fee, which cannot be more than a full week’s Basic Daily Fee. The booking fee will act as a pre-payment, not an additional fee.

How long can we stay in Respite?

A resident who has an Aged Care Assessment approving respite care can access up to 63 days of respite per financial year. This allowance resets on 1 July every year.

The 63 day allowance can be extended in lots of 21 days. Reasons for this include carer stress, increase in care needs of the resident, and absence of the carer (e.g. for holiday or family circumstances).

The 21 day extension application must be done by the Aged Care Assessment Team member who initially did the Assessment of the potential aged care resident.

In general, an aged care facility will look for a resident to have a minimum stay of approximately 2 weeks  although this is negotiated directly between the resident and the facility.

What if we don’t have an Assessment?

If a potential aged care resident does not have an Aged Care Assessment approving respite care then the resident will have to be a ‘fully private’ respite resident. This means the resident will have to pay a much higher level of fees to the facility for accessing a respite stay.

What is Power of Attorney & Guardianship?

Both ‘Power of Attorney’ and ‘Guardianship’ are legal terms relating to the authority that one person has to make decisions on behalf of another person. Both are relevant to aged care placement.

Power of Attorney

A person can appoint another person as their Power of Attorney, or ‘POA’ for short.

The decision to appoint another person as a POA is done through a formal written document. That document differs state by state, as do the laws relating to how a POA is created.

A POA can make both personal decisions (e.g. relating to medical care) and financial decisions (i.e. sign contracts) in place of another person.

There are typically two types of Power of Attorney that can be created:

  • General Power of Attorney – this appointment is typically done for a set period, or for a set reason
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – this appointment typically has no end date, and is done when a persons health or mental capacity may be decline.

Importantly, the person who has appointed a POA still retains their legal right to make decisions on their behalf.


Guardianship is a formal legal process that is commenced in a court or tribunal, the end point of which is to have a person appointed as the legal guardian of another person.

The exact process and requirements of guardianship differ state by state.

In an aged care context, a guardianship process may be used to appoint one or several people as legal guardians of an older person who has impaired capacity to make decisions in their own best interest. 

In plain english, guardianship allows one or several people to override the legal decision making capacity of another person.

What forms do we have to fill out for aged care entry?

  • Centrelink Forms – Read the Centrelink page to work out which forms must be filled in for your particular scenario. The Centrelink forms can be downloaded online.
  • Aged Care Facility Application Forms – something that can be largely eliminated by using the free Aged Care Decisions placement service.
  • Resident Agreement – this agreement sets out the fees & charges that will be payable by the resident, along with the rights and responsibilities of both the aged care resident, and the aged care facility.
  • Accommodation Agreement – this is a special type of additional agreement that covers additional details relating to the room – including payment of an Accommodation Payment, any extra services costs, particular details of the room type, and other related matters.

Moving out / changing your mind / transferring facilities

The Aged Care Act provides that a new resident has up to 28 days after moving in to complete and return a signed copy of the Residents Agreement and Accommodation Agreement.

The Act also provides that any resident can provide 14 days written notice to an aged care facility in order to move out or transfer to another facility. Once this notice is up then the resident can move out or transfer at any time.

If a resident moves out or transfers to another aged care facility then any Refundable Accommodation Deposit that has been paid must be refunded back to the resident.

How to use this app

Accessing the menu

You can access the menu from any page by clicking on the orange  [icon name=”bars”] menu icon in the top right hand side of any page.

Shortlisting a facility

You can shortlist facilities of interest by clicking on the  button from your Home Screen or from any facility page.

This will turn the button to .

Doing so will save the facility to your , which you can access from the orange [icon name=”bars”] Menu icon.

You can remove a facility from your Shortlist at any time by also clicking on the  button.

Schedule a tour

You can request a tour at any time with any facility in your customised Options Report.

To request a tour, simply navigate to the facility’s page by clicking on the photo or name from your Home Screen, or selecting the facility from your Shortlist page.

When on the facility page, click on the  button.

Select a preferred date by clicking on the orange [icon name=”calendar”] calendar icon.

Select a preferred time by clicking on the orange [icon name=”clock”] clock icon next to the calendar date field.

You can write a message to the provider in the box below.

Click the  button to submit the request to the facility.

View All Tours Organised

You can see all of the tours you have requested & organised by selecting the “My Tours” option in the menu.

The page is divided into “Upcoming Tours” and “Past Tours”

Under “Upcoming Tours” you will see the status of tours you have requested, as either:

  • Requested
  • Confirmed

Tour Confirmation

Once the facility has received and confirmed your request, you will receive a message in your App.

Reschedule Tour

If, for whatever reason, you need to reschedule a Tour, navigate to the “My Tours” page, then click on “Reschedule” for the tour you wish to change.

Submit the new date & time of the tour, and click “Submit Reschedule Request”.

You will receive a confirmation or message back from the facility via your App.

Tour confirmations

Once a facility has received and confirmed your tour request, you will receive a notification message on your phone.


Clicking on the phone notification will take you to your “My Tours” page.

If your tour request has been accepted, you will see the message “Accepted“.

If the facility has proposed another date/time for the tour, you will see the message “Rescheduled by the facility. Please check new tour date and time

If the proposed time is not suitable for you, simply click “Reschedule” to propose another time for the facility tour.

View all tours organised

You can see all of the tours you have requested & organised by selecting the “My Tours” option in the menu.

The page is divided into “Upcoming Tours” and “Past Tours

Under “Upcoming Tours” you will see the status of tours you have requested, as either:

  • Requested
  • Accepted
  • Rescheduled by facility

Reschedule/ cancel a tour

If, for whatever reason, you need to reschedule a Tour, navigate to the “My Tours” page via the App menu.

Click on “Reschedule” for the tour you wish to change.

Submit the new date & time of the tour.

and click “Submit Reschedule Request

You will receive a confirmation or message back from the facility via your App.

Send a private message to a facility

You can send a direct private message to any of the aged care facilities listed in your App.

From your Home screen, or “My Shortlist”, simply click the photo, name or “View Details” button of the facility you wish to contact.

Click the “Message” to the right hand side of the blue page menu bar.

Type out your message.

Once finished, click “Send Quick Message“.

Your message will be sent immediately to the relevant Facility Manager or Admissions contact person at the facility in question.

Once they have responded, you will receive a notification on your phone.

View message history with a facility

You can view the message history between yourself and a facility by clicking on on the same “Message” menu option in a facility page, then clicking on the “View All Messages” button.

View your message inbox

You can view your entire message history with all facilities by clicking on the “Messages” button in the menu bar.

The message history with each recipient is listed down the page.

If you have a new message, an orange dot will show against the message history.

Sharing with a family member

You can share this App, the aged care facility options, and message history, with any family member or friend.

To do this, click on  in the orange [icon name=”bars”] menu.

This will automatically generate a new SMS in your phone’s messaging function.

Simply select the recipient from your phone book.

Its important that you dont edit the text of the SMS message, as it contains the ACD Privacy Code that will enable the recipient to download and open up the App with the contents that you are sharing.

Saving and sending referral codes

Referral Codes are issued by the Australian Government’s My Aged Care department, following a successful Aged Care Assessment.

They have two purposes – (i) as evidence of someone’s approval for a type of care, and (ii) to permit aged care providers to access the Aged Care Assessment and understand detailed clinical information.

Every aged care facility you speak to will want to know the Referral Codes.

To make it easier, you can save your Referral Codes in this App. Doing so will automatically share them with the aged care providers you shortlist.

To access the Referral Codes page, click on   in the [icon name=”bars”] Menu.

You can enter & save your Referral Codes in this page. Once saved they will be shared with facilities.


Who is Aged Care Decisions?

Aged Care Decisions is a 100% independently owned and operated organisation.

Started in 2013 by two regular aged care consumers who wanted a better way for families to make more informed decisions, our organisation is not owned or controlled by any particular aged care provider.

Read more about Aged Care Decisions

To ensure continued transparency and integrity, Aged Care Decisions has a Voluntary Code of Conduct that enshrines our committment to transparency, impartiality and accountability.

Read the Voluntary Code of Conduct

How can we guarantee your support?

Aged Care Decisions is a 100% free aged care placement service for families. We guarantee all residents and families the support they need in their aged care placement journey. View our Client Support Guarantee.

Is this service really 100% free of charge?

Yes. 100% free of charge. No catches. No hidden fees.

What services does Aged Care Decisions provide?

We provide end-to-end support to families, providers and health professionals.

Support through finding aged care vacancies which match care needs, preferences and budget.

Support by providing highly qualified placement referrals.

Health Professionals
Support in providing Emergency Placement services for families needing to place a loved one who is discharging from hospital.

How do we get paid?

First off – Aged Care Decisions is 100% free of charge to families. No if’s, no but’s, and no hidden charges.

We charge aged care providers a set industry standard fee for undertaking customer service & admissions services on their behalf.

Importantly, under Australian law this fee cannot be passed onto you – under any circumstance.

Every aged care facility in Australia pays the exact same amount – regardless of who they are, or who the aged care resident is.

Our unique model means that Aged Care Decisions has no financial motivation to recommend  one facility over another. That fee is exactly the same regardless of your financial status, RAD or care level.

Importantly – you are always in control. You can choose to fully use our service and then select a facility not introduced by our team.

Even if you ultimately select an aged care facility not introduced by Aged Care Decisions, our service will still remain 100% free of charge.

Our only desire is that you and your family select an aged care facility that meets your needs. Only you can decide whether a particular facility is right for you or a loved one.

Our role is to reduce the time and stress involved, by matching you to facilities that have vacancies and meet your care needs, budget, location and other preferences.

Prepare Your Options Report Now


What can this service do for our family?

Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest aged care placement service.

We help families by:

  • Providing detailed information & advice about how aged care works (including how fees work)
  • Preparing a customised report – which matches the care needs, preferences & budget of the person entering care with room vacancies in their area.
  • Assigning a dedicated Placement Specialist – who will assist you and your family in every step of the placement journey
  • Booking tours on your behalf
  • Interacting with Aged Care facility admissions staff on your behalf

Get Started Now

Why should families use Aged Care Decisions?

Aged Care Decisions is a fast, free and independent service that works with families to assist in finding Aged Care vacancies for a loved one. Our trained and professional Placement Specialists will prepare a customised list of vacancies that match the needs and preferences of the person entering aged care within your local area. We also assist families to coordinate tours and work through the paperwork and logistics associated with placing in aged care.

This allows families to make an independent and hassle-free decision with no stress and for FREE!

What do other families say about your service?

Have a read what other families have said about our service through Google Reviews:

Ann-Maree Wilson
Ann-Maree Wilson
00:19 21 Feb 20
Natalia was an amazing help to me when it came time to place mum into care. As it was a sudden, necessary decision, dad and myself had absolutely no idea of where to start or any of the processes. Natalia helped us every step of the way, following up with all of our shortlisted facilities and explaining the entire process to us. I feel that these people genuinely care and understand how hard this process is for families, and 100% recommend their services ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Patricia Woodgate
Patricia Woodgate
23:28 01 Feb 20
Really appreciated their assistance with a very emotional issue. The aged care sector is not very user friendly and they made our decision much easier. Many thanks 🙂
Faye Gladstone
Faye Gladstone
06:56 14 Dec 19
I have been dealing with Natalia for the last year regarding my mother and nursing homes. Natalia has been nothing but exceptional in her position. Natalia has a beautiful empathy and is very sympathetic to my mothers needs. All her advice, knowledge and attention to detail has been so beautiful and kind. More employers need Natalia’s, she is outstanding in her field. I look forward to many more conversations and follow up with her. I can’t speak highly enough of Aged Care Decisions.nothing is ever too much trouble, if something is not known they will find out and call you back. If you leave a message they will call you within minutes. I believe the staff here go above and beyond their duty.i would be happy to speak and advocate for Aged Care Decisions at any time.i consider myself and my mother very fortunate to have found Aged Care Decisions. Kind regards Faye Gladstone
Helen Gibson
Helen Gibson
09:12 13 Dec 19
My father was in Qld and I was in Melbourne if it had not been for the support I received from Natalia I would have been utterly lost. The service was fantastic and made easy for me to find a home for my father. I am very happy and would tell anyone this is the service to use.
Joseph Awad
Joseph Awad
02:29 04 Dec 19
We were desperate to find an aged Care facility to place our mum in full time care due to her severe dementia and poor mobility, for nearly a year we could not, complicated by her circumstance and legal engagement. But with such advise and support I was able to move her to Hardi aged care facility a month ago. That was a blessing and Great help for our mum and our family. especially her carer my sister, that contiplated suicide, due to the difficulties she was facing. We appreciated that help very much.
Lisa Westcott
Lisa Westcott
22:10 01 Dec 19
Really helpful, these people really do care and have gone above and beyond for us.
Debbi Carius
Debbi Carius
07:13 01 Dec 19
I'm confident to recommend the services of Aged Care Decisions.They went above & beyond to help me find accommodation for my mum in law, following up regularly and arranging a variety of locations.I'm more than happy with the results.
alice teuma
alice teuma
22:57 29 Nov 19
From the moment I left my enquiry online I was contacted promptly and dealt with professionally. The help I received about the nursing homes that were available for my father and the advice on what they had to offer made the experience of finding the right nursing home much easier. They made all the appointments for me and liaised with the nursing homes making it stress free for me.
Joe Abboud
Joe Abboud
09:50 24 Nov 19
I was in a black hole and my life was in ruins and it felt that no one was listening to me until I received a phone call from Aged Care decisions and things started happening. Without the support I received from Billy and Chris from Aged care Decisions I would have never been able to place my father so quickly in a nursing home and I would have never been able to get through this on my own as I was a complete mental wreck. What a genuinely compassionate person Billy is and your support has been nothing but exceptional and I just cannot thank you enough, however, I wish the whole process of dealing with the nursing homes and Centerlink would be less stressful as during times like these the strain of placing a loved one in a nursing home during their end of life would have been much better if we could spend more quality time with them rather than stressing about the whole process of placement and the finances and all the running around to make things happen. thank you again for your amazing support aged care decisions. Could have never done this without you.
Bruce Barker
Bruce Barker
05:09 16 Nov 19
Professional approach with caring people.
Bernd Fechner
Bernd Fechner
06:22 12 Nov 19
Natalia was very helpful, caring and communicated well. Good source of information in what to do, and showed genuine interest in her role. Resulted in appropriate respite care. Thank you
Ronald Thompson
Ronald Thompson
22:11 10 Nov 19
This was a brilliant process that quickly showed the relevant care available and within 48 hours it was all sorted. Can only recommend highly with compassionate people assisting during a tough time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tracey Pugh
Tracey Pugh
05:22 31 Oct 19
Thank you Lee-etta for all the work you have done for us when it is unexpected news that you have to find a nursing home ASAP and you’re thrown into the deep end you need somebody who understands. Glen and Tracey Pugh and Pugh families.
Martin Pettigrew
Martin Pettigrew
06:23 24 Oct 19
When we began inquiring, we really didn't know where to start & fortunately we stumbled across Aged Care Decisions. From the very start of inquiring, we couldn't have been given more advice, assistance & information with constant contact. The outcome has been extremely positive with Martin's mother & us being very happy with the facility & friendliness & professionalism of the staff.Everyone's involvement is very much appreciated. Martin & Rhonda Pettigrew.
Trish Warton
Trish Warton
05:08 24 Oct 19
Everyone I spoke to, gave me help in understanding what was available in the care nursing homes. Plus what I needed to do. Very soon I was contacted by a number of homes to review, thanks to a great team on the other end of the line.
Si and Nel Argue
Si and Nel Argue
11:01 23 Oct 19
Amazing team, very helpful and knowledgeable. They also accepted suggestions where there were deviations from the normal process.Their tip sheets and fact sheets were an absolute Godsend.I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Colleen Boomsma
Colleen Boomsma
02:37 23 Oct 19
I was very pleased with the service I received at Age Care Decisions it saved me alot of time running from age care to age care and we chose an agecare home from the list and it is beautiful .Allity age care Lilydale 3796.
Louise Davey
Louise Davey
07:37 17 Oct 19
Fabulous service, helpful and caring in a difficult time. Staff understood what was available and were helpful with all questions and provided insightful answers which enabled me to make good decisions for my mother's future
Nina Strier
Nina Strier
09:54 14 Oct 19
Very very helpful and pleasant customer service, they went above and beyond to try and help me with my situation. They took the time to explain everything to me in detail. Overall a very pleasant experience. Thank you very much for everything.
Michelle Whitmore
Michelle Whitmore
03:09 10 Oct 19
Ashley and Lee-Eta were very helpful with their extensive knowledge of Aged Care facilities and circumnavigating this mindfield.Thankyou both for explaining the process .Michelle Victoria
Geoffrey Phillips
Geoffrey Phillips
03:01 10 Oct 19
The staff at Aged Care were extremely helpful and caring when this period of time came into my mothers life. they followed up calls to see how mum was settling in. Thank you!
Susan Alt
Susan Alt
00:25 10 Oct 19
I am so happy we went with Aged Care Decisions, to help with finding a nursing home for my husbands Dad. With Lee-Etta’s help the process was smooth and uncomplicated! We were able to get a bed in a home very close to us.Lee-Etta kept in touch through the whole process, she was a great support.I highly recommend Aged Care Decisions to any one thinking about using them to find a nursing home for their loved ones. Thank you Aged Care Decisions
Janelle Whipp
Janelle Whipp
06:41 27 Sep 19
Wonderful helpful, personalised help when it was desperately needed. By providing the potential resident's details to various aged care facilities they allow you to be automatically linked to suitable places who then contact you. This free service fulfils a need in this expanding arena of aged care. This negates the need to tell the same story over and over at each place which is a big help when you are the one looking for accommodation..
liz wakelam
liz wakelam
00:42 26 Sep 19
We would highly recommend this team. They made our first experience of my husbands first respite so much easier. The place we chose was simply the very best option for him. Thank you.
Carol Sutherland
Carol Sutherland
08:50 23 Sep 19
The best thing I ever did was to contact with Age Care Decisions. They made the process of finding a residential aged care facility for my Dad so easy. It is a real mine field trying to navigate the government system but I could rely on Aged Care Decisions if I had any questions or problems. I cannot praise the help of Lee-Etta Jackson enough, she was amazing through the whole process, even now when her job is done she still contacts me on a regular basis to see how things are progressing with my dad, and she always asks if I’m OK. It means the world to me because of all the departments I have dealt with she is the only one who takes the time out of her day to do this. She is such a kind and caring person and a real asset to Aged Care Decisions. I would recommend touching base with them before you continue down the path of Residential Aged Care, they make it a much easier and less stressful process. Carol Sutherland
wayne vollmer
wayne vollmer
03:11 21 Sep 19
Aged care Decisions was very helpful in finding possible aged care facilities for my Mum.
jut lay
jut lay
22:25 18 Sep 19
All the five stars reviewers are spot on with the Aged Care Decisions Service, i really appreciate the help from the team to find an excellent age care facility for my father near my home, Special thanks to Natalia, she was the one guided me the process from day one, she called me nearly every day to check how things are going, all the Aged care providers on the list she provided called me to tour their facility, I’m really happy with the service Aged Care Decisions provided , highly recommended.
Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith
02:34 16 Sep 19
Aged Care Decisions have been such a big help in getting my father in to aged care. They helped every step of the way with guidance and follow up of facilities and information important to the whole process. It definitely took away the stress of the situation and made the experience a more pleasant one for both myself and my Dad. Thank you for your help!
Eren Ramadan
Eren Ramadan
09:47 14 Sep 19
Fantastic service by Natalia. Kept in touch with me everyday. Would recommend this service provider to anyone. Found a beautiful place for my father to stay at with her help following up on everything. Annette Ramadan.
00:30 13 Sep 19
Excellent Very informative and helpful
Catherine Bail
Catherine Bail
11:09 10 Sep 19
Age Care Decisions although did not help me with a placement. The information they provided was priceless.
john hansen
john hansen
05:42 07 Sep 19
No time of day for this place Wurst nursing home you can fined
Joan Rosenthal
Joan Rosenthal
06:21 01 Sep 19
Aged Care Decisions was tremendously helpful to me when I needed to find a respite situation in early April 2019 for my husband (I was his carer then). They provided me with a list of Aged Care establishments that were reasonably close to our suburb and that had potential respite places. I had not been able to access that amount of information myself. I followed up several of those establishments and, while they would not allow me to make a definite booking for early May, they invited us to visit and they encouraged us to contact to make a secure booking a week before I was due to be away. This seemed to be the general practice among AC establishments and it is really difficult when one has paid for one's travel and involved other people in travel arrangements, not knowing whether one can be sure of a placement. It certainly isn't the fault of Aged Care Decisions. The personnel there were extremely helpful and supportive and their information was excellent.
Valerie Anne Walker
Valerie Anne Walker
05:53 01 Sep 19
I was very happy with Aged Care Decisions. One of the facilities they suggested didn't have a secure ward, (Helensvale) but they gave our details to another of their other facilities (Hope Island). The Hope Island manager called us and this is where we have moved Mum. We couldn't be happier and Mum seems to have settled in really well.Unfortunately the secure ward (Deco) is in lockdown for a few days due to two residents having the 'flu. We were not contacted as there was an agency nurse on duty that night. However next afternoon the staff member on duty rectified the problem and hopefully it won't be repeated.Otherwise we are very happy with Arcare Hope Island.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson
04:30 01 Sep 19
Just wanted to publicly thank the staff at Aged Care Decisions for their thoughtfulness and professionalism when we placed my mother into care. Rang late afternoon for a list of nursing homes with vacancies in Melbournes East, had the list within the hour. Next morning received a call from one of the homes on the list. Mum was placed that day. Received numerous follow up calls regarding the placement and mums wellbeing. A difficult chapter in any persons life made easier through efficiency, courteous attention and being able to talk to people who understand and genuinely want to help. Keep up the great work it is truly needed and appreciated
Noeline Moore
Noeline Moore
02:55 16 Aug 19
I would recommend Aged Care Decisions to anyone taking the journey of looking for an age care facility for their loved one. I was unused to this area and didn't really know where to start so having Natalia send me places that she thought would suit my father's need was such a help! Her support until we found somewhere that suited us and Dad was invaluable. We now have Dad settled in his new home and he is happy and if he is, so am I
Kim Blundell
Kim Blundell
02:18 12 Aug 19
Not knowing where to start when having to find a care facility for my father in law, after speaking with Natalia at Aged Care Decisions, she made me feel at ease and certainly helped in understanding the process and guiding us in the right direction. Definitely recommend using Aged Care Decisions if you have never had to place a loved one in a care facility.
Katherine Dolphin
Katherine Dolphin
05:18 07 Aug 19
Very informative. Happy with this service.
Sharon Gordon
Sharon Gordon
07:20 31 Jul 19
Aged Care is a minefield, its complicated and difficult to navigate. ACD cut through the red tape and provide a personalised service aimed at your specific needs. I can highly recommend ACD services and their, caring, sincere, staff who aim to help you in every way.
Nina Euripides
Nina Euripides
11:03 29 Jul 19
I have been looking for a nursing home suitable for my father for almost 3 months with poor results. After contacting Natalia at Aged Care Decisions I was contacted and within 2 days found a home that was close, well maintained and suitable. I would like to thank her for all her help with this unfortunate decision my family had to make.
Craig Coates
Craig Coates
05:01 24 Jul 19
Awesome service, Lee-Etta was fantastic. I highly recommend Aged Care Decisions.
Anne Raines
Anne Raines
05:35 27 Jun 19
I was totally gobsmacked re: aged care until I came across Aged Care Decisions. The support and information I received from Lee-Etta was absolutely phenomenal. I have no idea what I would have done without the input received. Thank you.
Cassandra Ashton Thomas
Cassandra Ashton Thomas
02:54 12 Jun 19
Bianca and the team were a fantastic help and comfort at an extremely difficult time for both my elderly parents. They understand what's happening and treated the situation with integrity and respect. I couldn't recommend them more highly, a fantastic free service.
Jennifer Mangan
Jennifer Mangan
13:39 09 Jun 19
Every person I have spoken to from Aged Care Decisions has been just so wonderful with helping me find a placement for Mum. They are always willing to listen, eager to help and guide in the right direction. I will always be grateful for their patience and understanding. Thankyou girls, for everything, always.
Lois Meyer
Lois Meyer
01:37 06 Jun 19
A big thank you to Aged Care Decisions, I dealt with Natalia, who was very caring, loving and understanding, and definitely knew what we all go through when we need help with aged relatives who need to go into aged care accommodation. She gave helpful advice, and was very compassionate.
Greg Pearce
Greg Pearce
05:54 23 May 19
To date, the people at Aged Care Decision have been extremely helpful in what is a very stressful time. I have no hesitation in recommending the work they do! Lee-Etta was fantastic and I felt a vibe from her that she was invested in helping me to resolve my issue. Great people, great service.
Olga Virtser
Olga Virtser
01:48 21 May 19
Dear Aged Care Decision. Thank you for help.One of the day few month ago I have felt supported by Aged Care Decisions with regular friendly phone calls, e-mails by my support officer Biljana Zlatovic. She always offered me free advises in very difficult situation with my Mum. At this stage my Mum, 93 years old in Aged Care.Thank you Aged Care Decisions. Highly recommend the service and very friendly staff. Thank you Biljana Zlatovic for her good, reliable serviceRegards, Olga
Amanda Bice
Amanda Bice
09:20 17 May 19
We recently found ourselves in a very difficult and stressful situation whith our 92yr old father. Dad has dementia and until January had been living independently with the help of carers home visits. He then got a virus and spent 2wks in hospital. We were advised by the doctors that dad needed to go into care as his physical and mental health was deteriorating rapidly. We secured a nursing home placement under respite care with the intention of transferring to permanent at the end of respite. Respite would give us time to organise his finances as nursing homes are expensive. We paid all the fees and filled out what we thought was all the paperwork. Dad was going OK then one Thursday we received a call from the home saying dads respite was finishing the next day and they would not take him permanently. By this time we had cleaned out his home and it was on the market. Dad would be homeless in 24hrs. That's when we contacted Rhonda at aged care decisions. She performed a miracle and got dad a placement at Tri Care in a non secured ward. This was a big thing for a nursing home to take a dementia patient into a non secured ward. But they pulled lots of strings and showed that compassion was very important. They would do what they could but no promises for permanency. Both Rhonda and the staff at Tri Care went over and beyond anything we could have ever asked for and gave dad a beautiful room under emergency respite. Dads dementia has made him difficult to handle at times but the staff at Tri Care have been exceptional. We are eternally grateful to Rhonda and all the staff at Tri CareAfter weeks of uncertainty we were lucky enough to be offered a permanent placement for Dad today. Rhonda has talked to me every week to see how dad was going and been in constant contact with Tri Care on our behalf. I cannot thank all of them enough for looking after my dad like he was there own Dad. Thank you Rhonda and all the staff at Tri Care .
Jackie Marsland
Jackie Marsland
04:14 15 May 19
From day one I have felt supported by Aged Care Decisions with regular friendly phone calls by my support officer. She always offered me advice and an ear to listen to my worries. Not only did I have one parent needing urgent best High Care for their last few months of life, but the best Low Care for the other to make her feel happy, secure and well looked after, after the loss of her life long partner. Thank you Aged Care Decisions.
Marilyn Kearney
Marilyn Kearney
04:25 12 May 19
We needed to find assistance quickly for respite for mum as well as the potential for longer term care. Aged Care Decisions were very quick to ascertain what were we needed for our mum based on her care requirements and personal likes and needs. The Montessori program offering at the home we selected from several that Aged Care Decisions provided to us to consider was perfect for our mum. Aged Care Decisions allocated us a wonderfully sensitive and caring case manager who listened, was respectful at all times and available to assist well beyond our selection of a nursing home for mum. Highly recommend the service and staff.
Dorothy Bell
Dorothy Bell
08:04 29 Apr 19
Having helped 3 of my relatives with the Aged care process to move into care I found it quite daunting. it seems the more funds you have the harder the process is. I cant believe the frail & infirm can possibly get through the process themselves. The forms are lengthy, overwhelming and ambiguous and the process is drawn out which is quite cruel for all concerned.
Brian Towell
Brian Towell
05:35 29 Apr 19
Whilst we didn't end up using them, they did consistently follow us up and seemed genuinely concerned about my Mother, her health and how we were progressing with finding her a residential care home.
Lynette Andrews
Lynette Andrews
01:57 16 Apr 19
Very impressed with this service. The case mgr made all contacts to the nursing homes that matched requirements I wished for my elderly parent. They Maintained regular contact & support to me through the process.. We found a nice residential Aged care home as result. Was such a stressful anxious time before we received assistance from this service....A very big thank you..
Maureen Baker
Maureen Baker
02:39 13 Apr 19
Very good service, but government approval is so slow for my husband to access home services, so disappointing
Lynda Hutton
Lynda Hutton
09:03 12 Apr 19
The information provided to me by this free service saved me time, stress and $$$. Aged Care Decisions support staff are fabulous in conveying valuable information over the phone. They explain everything thoroughly and effectively and listen compassionately in regards to any situation in trying to assist an aging loved one transition into aged care support & accomodation. Thank you Aged Care Decisions, you offer a very valuable free service!!
Kim Merritt
Kim Merritt
07:56 12 Apr 19
After navigating various departments and apparent help lines whilst struggling to get help with my mother, who after seven years with us had started to have extremely erratic behaviour over the last eight months, I emailed Aged Care Decisions for help. The lady I dealt with was Lee-Etta, she was the answer we had been looking for! Not only did she respond quickly, she listened (which was important to me as a career who was suffering career stress) she listened to my Mothers needs which are of the utmost importance. She navigated the system for us and kept me informed the whole time. We have had a fantastic outcome and experience using this service and I can’t Thank Lee-Etta enough for all she has done for us all.
Marie Mugzie
Marie Mugzie
07:14 12 Apr 19
Assessor was very well spoken, polite and very informative. My Mum has trouble understanding and hearing is hard for her. The Assessor that assessed my Mum last week, on the 5 April 2019 found her to have a very clear understanding voice which mum found her easy to understand. She also covered all aspects of what we needed. Highly recommended. Thank You
Phyllis Meadows
Phyllis Meadows
06:05 12 Apr 19
Excellent service provided by staff.
Michael Rafferty
Michael Rafferty
01:53 12 Apr 19
We have just placed my sister into full time residential care at Bentons Lodge, Mornington. The process was daunting as we had only 3 weeks to get a medical/tests done, aged care assessment, and find a good nursing home. We are from Qld. and as we were in Melbourne, we were not familiar with the system and area. However, with full co-operation from the public advocate, doctor, assessor, and the nursing home, we have been able to leave my sister in excellent care in record time. Everyone was so co-operative and helpful, it was unbelievable. Many thanks to all concerned and we praise God for the wonderful country we live in, that has these services available. Wendy & Michael Rafferty
Colleen Hanmer
Colleen Hanmer
01:23 12 Apr 19
It is never easy step placing one's loved one in an Aged Care Facility but Aged Care Decisions were kind thoughtful and so helpful with suggestions and feedback .Thank you so much what a wonderful support group to walk with you all the way
Mea Berge
Mea Berge
15:13 11 Apr 19
My mother needed extra help l could not give her. Aged care Decisions came to the rescue giving me the advice l needed. Within a werk l was able to get mum into a beautiful aged care facility close by. Service was excellent.
Drew Page
Drew Page
10:10 11 Apr 19
Excellent service thanks to the Team that helped my Family every step of the way helping us choose a Nursing Home for my Grandmother she is settled in and its great to see her happy and meeting new people and enjoying the company of other Residents in the home. Lee-Etta made the transition easy and explained everything to us I recommend Aged Care Decisions to anyone. Thanks Guys you do a great job.Cheers. Drew and Terrie PageNSW Newcastle
Juliet Smith
Juliet Smith
09:51 11 Apr 19
Extremely helpful in finding places near me. These guys did all the hard work. All I had to do was go and inspect each place and make a decision about which one was most suitable for us. I’ve been very happy both with aged care decisions and the facility we ended up choosing. Can’t recommend highly enough.
sonni Woods
sonni Woods
05:36 11 Apr 19
The service was excellent. The follow up was great. We chose one of the facilities for respite and have now purchased this facility for my Mum. She has settled very nicely. I am very grateful for this service!!!
Donna Mansfield
Donna Mansfield
04:42 11 Apr 19
The staff and web site gave me all the anwers that I needed
Marcelle Salvage
Marcelle Salvage
04:37 11 Apr 19
Offers an outstanding and compassionate service
Jenny Priest
Jenny Priest
04:35 11 Apr 19
We eventually got to the decision we wanted.
Valerie Thomson
Valerie Thomson
03:43 11 Apr 19
I was absolutely amazed at how pleasant and efficient my Phone Assistant was. She understood everything I said and needed with confidence and ease. I felt listened to and valued. Her response to give placement details was prompt and followed with the offer to send data by email. Thank youValerie
Sue Sturup
Sue Sturup
03:09 11 Apr 19
I appreciated that, even though I did not get to talk to someone, as I was busy at the time, I was sent information that I could pass on to others. I felt that I was valued and that the people in the organization really care and provide the information you need as the whole system is so complicated
Bruce Rogers
Bruce Rogers
21:41 10 Apr 19
Made it so easy to find a home for my parents
brendon spiteri
brendon spiteri
09:14 10 Apr 19
After contacting A C Decisions, I was immediately relieved of the stress if searching for an aged care facility. Within a week we found a suitable home for mum. Special thanks to Lee-Anne.
Ilana Galinsky
Ilana Galinsky
06:23 10 Apr 19
very supportive and patient
Christine Trainor
Christine Trainor
07:59 09 Apr 19
My experience with a representative was excellent. Very supportive, informative and caring.

How much does your service cost for families?

We act on behalf of the family to find the best vacancy match suited to their care needs and preferences. Our service is a 100% free for families to use because the providers pay us an industry standard placement fee upon the resident placing into the facility.

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How many facilities/ Providers does Aged Care Decisions work with?

Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest residential aged care placement service. We work with over 1000 Aged Care facilities across Australia.

Every aged care provider registered in our system must be currently accredited and licensed by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission.

If an aged care facility loses its accreditation for any reason, we will cease referring families to that facility until it regains its registered status.

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How do you create a customised report?

By utilising our national database of Partner facilities, Aged Care Decisions assists families to identify suitable vacancy options based on the care needs, preferences and budget of the person entering Aged Care. This information is matched with current Aged Care vacancies within the area of interest.

Aged Care Decisions does not recommend one facility over another.

The decision is in your hands, you choose which facility is best for you, your family and the person entering Aged Care.

How can we find aged care vacancies?

Aged Care facilities accommodate for different types of care needs. Aged Care Decisions assists you by compiling a customised list of vacancies that match the care needs, preferences and budget of the person entering Aged Care. We also assist with coordinating tours and any other queries or questions the family may have.