How Aged Care Decisions is Helping Me – Bianca Dye

Mar 4, 2024 | HOME CARE

“I feel so guilty but it’s time to get mum the help she needs.”

Hey, guys, it’s Bianca Dye.

My beautiful mama Annie is 79, and it’s been on my to-do list for quite some time to get help because it’s getting to the point now where I love her very much, but she needs some in-home care. It’s just me and mama here on the Gold Coast, and I don’t have any help, and I really need some help.

I have found this incredible free service – Aged Care Decisions. They are amazing, and they are going to help us find home care providers that can help mum out at home, which is just going to be such incredible peace of mind for me because I love her, and I’m busy, and I don’t have time to always check in on her.

What emotions do I feel, knowing that mum needs some home care help?  Well, I feel a bit guilty, I guess, because I can’t be there for her as much as I’d like to be.  I know a lot of people can’t always be there for their aging parents. Most people my age are still working, and we can’t always be there for our mums and dads.  Of course, some people can – and they’re lucky – but I can’t, and a lot of people I know can’t either.

So, I feel guilt, and I get really emotional, and I worry about mum because she’s at home alone, and I just worry about what she might be getting up to. Has she fallen over again? Has she set the house on fire? It’s a strange feeling because we’ve come full circle and now it’s my turn to help her.  We will go on this journey together and I’m grateful that Aged Care Decisions is here to help us navigate our way through the process.

This amazing service is available for everyone and it’s free. They will guide you through the entire home care process from applying for your government funding to matching you with the best care providers.

I’m so grateful that I can share this journey with you and if you’re in the same position please contact Aged Care Decisions and let them help you – FOR FREE.

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Aged Care Decisions is Australia’s largest Aged Care Placement Service. This 100% FREE service helps families find aged care vacancies, Home Care Providers and respite care options that match the care needs and preferences of their loved ones.

This service can save you time and reduce the stress of finding providers with availability that tick all your boxes.

You can get started by completing this quick enquiry form.

The Aged Care Decisions team will then contact you to discuss your care needs, location, budget, and personal preferences.

Usiing custom-built technology, their dedicated support team will find the best matched aged care vacancies or home care providers for you.

You will receive – via email – a personalised Options Report containing ONLY home care or residential aged care options that are currently available and that suit your specific needs.

You won’t waste time calling providers just to find out they have no service availability or aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

Connect with Aged Care Decisions here to get started.


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