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Many users of AgedCareReviews.com.au come to our website after having placed a loved one into a nursing home. For a reasonable number of those families, they are investigating alternative nursing home options. Maybe the aged care facility isn’t suitable anymore, or maybe something has happened to give the family pause for concern.

Whatever the reason, moving out of an aged care facility is actually a lot easier than most families realise.

The 5 steps to changing aged care facilities

Step 1

Get a copy of the current Care Plan. Any new facility you consider will want to see this. You can request this by talking to the Facility Manager or Care Manager.


Step 2

Shortlist alternative options – based on location, care level and budget (including bond). You can shortcut this step by using our Aged Care Decisions service to build a list of options that match your family’s preferences. Conduct tours and get comfortable with your preferred new facility.


Step 3

Negotiate with the new facility – complete all application and admissions processes with the new nursing home. This is where the copy of the current Care Plan will be required.


Step 4

Provide notice to existing facility – under Aged Care Legislation any resident can transfer to a new facility by providing 7 days written notice. If your family member moved in within the last 14 days, they can move out immediately.


Step 5

Transfer of bond (RAD) – the existing aged care facility must refund the bond (known as the Refundable Accommodation Deposit) within 14 days. You can ask them to make the payment directly to the new facility.

Its obviously a big decision, but transferring aged care facilities is something that happens reasonably regularly and aged care facilities are obliged to do everything they can to cooperate with your request and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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