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Another effect we have noticed over the past couple of months is considering in-home care options to delay moving into residential aged care. A home care package is at the start of the aged care continuum and can be a good option when care needs are not complex or there is good family support to supplement the professional care. If you are interested in finding out more, download our FREE 6 Step Guide to Home Care Packages, to get you started.

Care in Australia for our ageing population is not limited to aged care facilities or nursing homes. There is a continuum of care that is available, at minimal cost, to all Australians to assist them as they age. Residential aged care being at one end of that continuum.

When it comes to home care, the system is a confusing array of acronyms, government bureaucracy, and service ‘package’ levels. At Aged Care Decisions our research has found that 93% of families report some level of stress with the process, and over half describe the process of coordinating care as being ‘Very’ or ‘Extremely’ stressful.

Whilst more recent reforms in the home care sector have given families more choice and autonomy, the “waiting times” for home care packages often adds a further level of complexity and anxiety for families who simply want to access quality care at home for their loved one.

If you need some help with the process, you can contact Aged Care Decisions for a free aged care consultation. We provide a free matching and introduction service for Home Care as well as Residential Aged Care. We understand that aged care can be confusing and navigating the process can be difficult. Our Placement Specialists provide free support to assist you from first steps to choosing a care provider, answering any questions you may have along the way.

To discuss home care options with one of our experienced Aged Care Placement Specialists you can fill in this form or contact us by phone on 1300 775 870.


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