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The support delivered by Home Care Package levels 1-4

Home Care Packages help thousands of Australians to live independently at home for longer, rather than move into residential aged care. Home Care Packages are allocated across four levels, based on an individual’s assessed care needs. Let’s look at the support...

All about My Aged Care

Federal funding for aged care services in Australia is coordinated by government organisation, My Aged Care. Wherever you are on your aged care journey, My Aged Care should be your starting point for accessing government-subsidised home care services, residential aged...

How much will a Home Care Package cost you?

How to easily find and compare aged care near me in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth Australia

20 Supports & Services Your Home Care Package Can Pay For

A government-funded Home Care Package offers a wide range of supports to help you live your best life at home. A Home Care Package can offer between $10,200 to $59,500 each year to pay for these supports. Here are 20 things you might not know a Home Care Package can...

How, where and why to contact My Aged Care

My Aged Care is the government-run body that coordinates subsidised aged care services in Australia. This is the organisation you need to contact to discuss and arrange official aged care funding and government programs. We have put together a comprehensive list of My...

Home Care Package Guidelines

Want to know more about Home Care Packages? This article will help you to understand how Home Care Packages work, who is eligible and what a Home Care Package can do to support you or your loved one to comfortably keep living at home.The government supports senior...

How to choose a home care provider

A Home Care Package delivers an annual, set amount of money that you can spend on services and supports to help you keep living at home, rather than move into residential aged care. To make the most of a Home Care Package, you need a GOOD provider.  Here's how to...

Centrelink and Aged Care

Centrelink & Aged Care   What is an Assets & Income Assessment? The Assets & Income Assessment is the second vital step in the aged care entry process for most families. Detailed financial information is provided to Centrelink or the Department of...

Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care

Fees and charges related to Residential Aged Care and Home Care change each quarter. Here is a summary of the Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care as of 20 March 2024:How much does aged care cost in Australia? Home and residential aged care fees...

How Aged Care Decisions is Helping Me – Bianca Dye

“I feel so guilty but it’s time to get mum the help she needs.”Hey, guys, it's Bianca Dye. My beautiful mama Annie is 79, and it's been on my to-do list for quite some time to get help because it's getting to the point now where I love her very much, but she needs...

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Everything you need to know about nursing homes and home care services

Aged Care Fees

My Aged Care fee estimator

My Aged Care fee estimator

How much will you need to contribute towards your Home Care Package or residential aged care room? Here is an introduction to My Aged Care’s Fee Estimator...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step?

The first step is typically undergoing an Aged Care Assessment so that the person entering care can secure Australian Government funding.

Read more about aged care assessments in the Getting Started page.

Can someone enter Aged Care temporarily?

Yes! Typically there are two types of admissions into residential aged care:

The first is a ‘permanent aged care admission’, meaning the person entering care will do so on a permanent basis. They can reside at the aged care facility until they decide to transfer to another aged care facility, or otherwise depart with this option.

The second type of admission is a ‘respite stay’. A respite stay is a short term stay that typically lasts a few weeks. This type of admission is heavily subsidised by the Australian Government, and allows carers and other families to take a much needed respite break when they need.

If you are looking for a respite stay, these are organised in a slightly different manner. Aged Care Decisions can quickly and easily prepare a customised list of suitable respite options to suit your individual needs.

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How can we find aged care vacancies?

Finding a vacancy is unfortunately not as easy as booking a hotel room.

Aged care facilities need to look closely at the care needs of the person entering care to ensure any vacant rooms are suitable. Different facilities offer different types of care, and even within a nursing home, different ‘wings’ or parts of cater to different needs.

Let us make it simple and easy by using our tried and trusted process to prepare a customised list of matching aged care providers for you. 

Our 100% free aged care help service allows you to shortlist and tour a range of nursing home options. All of which have already been vetted for you to match your desired care needs, preferences and budget.

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What is Power of Attorney & Guardianship?

Both ‘Power of Attorney’ and ‘Guardianship’ are legal terms relating to the authority someone has to make decisions on behalf of another. Let us help explain why both are relevant when finding a place for someone in care:

Power of Attorney

A person can appoint another person as their Power of Attorney, or ‘POA’ for short.

Appointing a POA is done through a formal written document that differs state by state. The laws relating to how a POA is created also vary, so be sure to check what is relevant to you.

A POA can make both personal decisions (e.g. relating to medical care) and financial decisions (i.e. sign contracts) for another person.

There are typically two types of a Power of Attorney that can be created:

  • General Power of Attorney – this type of appointment is typically done for a set period, or for a set reason.
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – this type of appointment does not typically have an end date, and is usually done when a persons health or mental capacity may be decline.

Most importantly, it’s good to know that the person who has appointed a POA, still retains their legal right to make decisions on their own behalf.


Guardianship is the formal legal process of having a person appointed as the legal guardian of another person in a court or tribunal. The process and requirements of guardianship differ in each state.

In the context of aged care, a guardianship process may be used to appoint one or several people as legal guardians of an older person with an impaired capacity to make decisions in their own best interest.

In plain English, guardianship allows one or several people to override the legal decision making capacity of another person.


What forms do we have to fill out when entering Aged Care?

There are two types of forms you will need to fill out when applying to enter aged care:

  • Centrelink Forms – Read the Centrelink page to work out which forms are needed for your particular circumstance. All the Centrelink forms you need can be downloaded straight from the Centrelink website.
  • Aged Care Facility Application Forms – You may be able to find these by searching the individual aged care service’s website. Short on time? Eliminate this process by using our 100% Free Application Service here

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Who is Aged Care Decisions?

Aged Care Decisions is a 100% independently owned and operated organisation helping families simplify the search for residential aged care, respite care and home care in Australia.

Founded in 2013 by two friends undergoing the search and application process themselves, they decided that more aged care help was needed for other families going through the same process. Families need an easy way to gather the right information and make informed decisions for their loved ones. The team at Aged Care Decisions can offer un-biased recommendations because it is not owned or controlled by any particular aged care service provider.

Read more about Aged Care Decisions here.

We also have a Voluntary Code of Conduct, which enshrines our commitment to transparency, impartiality and accountability. 

Read the Voluntary Code of Conduct here.

Is this service really 100% free of charge?

Yes, we can assure you that our service is really 100% free of charge. No catches. No hidden fees.

How does Aged Care Decisions get paid?

Our service is a 100% free of charge aged care help service for Australian families. No if’s, no but’s, and no hidden charges.

We are able to provide this service for you by charging aged care providers a set, industry standard services fee for undertaking customer service & admissions services on their behalf.

You can have piece of mind knowing that under Australian law this fee cannot be passed onto you – under any circumstance.

How does this work?

Every aged care facility in Australia pays the exact same amount – regardless of who they are, or who the person entering care is.

Our unique model means that we have no financial motivation to recommend one facility over another. The fee to aged care service providers is exactly the same regardless of your financial status, RAD or care level.

We also offer the option for families to fully utelise our service and still choose not to select a facility introduced by our team. You are always in control at every stage of the process, regardless of the outcome.

Best of all, if you decide not to used one of the service providers we find, our service will still remain 100% free of charge.

Our only desire is that you and your family select an aged care facility that meets your needs.

We want to reduce the time and stress involved, by matching you with vacancies that meet your care needs, budget, location and other preferences.

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How can we guarantee that you get the support you need?

Aged Care Decisions is an Australian Aged Care Agency providing a 100% Free Placement Service for Australian families.

It is our guarantee that all residents and families get the aged care help they need, whatever their aged care journey might be. For more information on how we pride ourselves in ensuring your family is taken care of, view our Client Support Guarantee.

What services does Aged Care Decisions provide?

We provide end-to-end support throughout the process of connecting Australian families, to providers and health professionals in the aged care industry.

For Families:
We support everyday families in their quest to find a vacancy in a nursing home or an availability in a home care service. The options we provide for you have been carefully selected to match your care needs, preferences and budget based on the information you give us. You can begin this process with us here.

For Aged Care Providers:
Aged Care Decisions supports aged care providers by providing highly qualified placement referrals in need of your nursing home, respite care and home care services.

For Health Professionals:
We support Health Professionals in providing an emergency placement service for families needing to place a loved one who is discharging from hospital.