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Moving into an aged care home is a big step. It can feel both exciting and overwhelming because there is so much to organise. Once your research has led you to the right home and you have completed the initial assessments and paperwork, it’s time to notify all the relevant people and organisations about your move – there’s more than you may realise!


Family and friends

Family and friends can be a fantastic support network during any big change in your life and moving into aged care is no different. Keeping your friends, family and regular carers informed about your plan to move into an aged care home ensures they can support you by:

  • helping prepare everything you need before the move
  • assisting you with the move
  • visiting you in your new home and providing extra support
  • taking you to visit the places you love.


Current help-at-home support

Many people use a multitude of services around the home, such as gardeners, cleaners and food delivery services. It can be easy to forget to notify them with so much else to organise, so be sure to add them to your list.

If you’re using home care services through a home care package, you will need to inform your home care package provider to ensure all of your service providers are aware and can cancel your service on the appropriate date.

Aged Care Decisions can help you transition from home care services to an aged care home. Our team has expertise in aged care and can answer all your questions about the move. We offer a completely free service to ensure everyone can access the support they need. Connect with us via our online form all call us on 1300 775 870.


Government departments and authorities

You likely use many government services regularly, all of which need to be notified of your move into an aged care home. It’s a good idea to write a list of services and notify them one by one. Looking through the cards in your purse or wallet can help make sure you don’t miss any. Some examples of government departments you may need to notify include:

  • Medicare
  • Your local library
  • Department of Human Services
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Local Council for rates
  • Australian Taxation Office


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Health professionals

You will need to inform your regular doctor and dentist that you are moving into an aged care home, as well as any other health professionals that you regularly see. This could include physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and others.

If you will be seeing a new doctor, you can ask your current doctor to forward on your medical history. You should make a note of any current medication and medical treatments you have been prescribed, so you can discuss them as part of your care plan with your new aged care home.


Finances and insurances

Before you move into an aged care home, you need to update your financial arrangements and insurances. This could be as simple as updating your address or it could mean cancelling particular insurances or choosing different financial products. Your financial advisor or accountant should be the first person you inform, as they can advise you on the best way to manage your individual financial situation.

You will likely have bank accounts, health insurances and superannuation to consider. The list can add up quite quickly with insurances such as home and contents insurance, life insurance and car insurance-so writing them down can be helpful.

If you are a pensioner, you may need to update your financial details with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or the Department of Human Services.



Your new home in an aged care facility will have everything you need to stay connected, including a phone, wifi and a TV. Utilities like gas and electricity are included in your aged care fees, so you will need to notify each service as to whether you need them to continue supplying services to your current home. This will obviously depend upon whether a friend or a loved one is staying in the home, or whether you are renting it or selling it.

If you are able to keep your mobile phone, you will still need to update your address with your service provider. Access to phones varies between aged care homes and can also depend on your budget.

At Aged Care Decisions, we work with over 1200 aged care facilities. We can help you compare aged care homes in your area that fit your requirements. Simply complete our online form and one of our aged care specialists will be in touch.



It is also important to think about any other miscellaneous services you may use that don’t fall under the major categories listed above. This might include some of the following:

  • Local post office
  • Charities
  • Your toll tag
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Legal representatives

Finally, once you’ve chosen an aged care home, you should inform any other homes that you applied for so they can keep their records up-to-date and offer available spots to other potential residents.

The Aged Care Decisions team have created this handy checklist to help you remember everyone you need to inform about your move into aged care. The team can help you prepare for your move and offer support during your aged care journey. Call us on 1300 775 870 to benefit from our free service today.


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