5 Things you need to know about ACAT Assessments

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Getting an ACAT Assessment is an important part of the Aged Care process. Here is some information about what you need to know about the ACAT/S process.

1. What is an ACAT/S Assessment and why do we need one?

An ACAT or ACAS Assessment is a process that helps determine what help you or your loved one may need based on a face to face assessment. After the Assessment is completed you or your loved one will be issued codes that will enable you to access Government supported services such as Home Care and Residential Aged Care or Respite.

The term ACAT refers to an Aged Care Assessment Team. In Victoria the term ACAS is used which refers to Aged Care Assessment Service.


2. How do I get an ACAT Assessment?

An ACAT Assessment can be arranged by either referral or by contacting My Aged Care. If you are in hospital or rehab an ACAT Assessment can be expedited by the hospital team caring for you or your loved one, so it is best to ask for the assessment whilst still under their care.

Other people who look after you or your loved one, such as GP’s, physiotherapists, social workers, carers or other community support workers can arrange an ACAT on your behalf.


3. We have an urgent situation but no ACAT. Do I need an ACAT Assessment to access Aged Care?

Not always. The most important thing is getting access to care for either yourself or your loved one, especially if the situation is urgent. By contacting our service on 1300 775 870 we can provide advice on options for your situation regardless of whether you have an ACAT Assesment in place or not.


4. How much does an ACAT Assessment cost?

Nothing. ACAT Assessments are a completely free service funded by the Australian Government.


5. We had an ACAT done a few years ago and now we are wanting to enter Aged Care. Is it still valid?

The ACAT Assessment is still valid however if circumstances or health needs have changed it is best to get re-assessed.

The fact that you have made a decision to enter Aged Care usually indicates that circumstances could have changed, and our team would almost always recommend an additional assessment. Because each situation is different, we would recommend contacting the Aged Care Decisions Placement Team to discuss the unique situation of yourself or your loved one and receive personalised advice on your next steps.

Aged Care can be complicated but the job of the Aged Care Experts here at Aged Care Decisions is to make the process of placing a loved one into Aged Care less stressful and more streamlined. To discuss how we can assist give our team a call on 1300 775 870 or fill in this form and we will give you a call when it suits you.


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